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Soaking It In

Can I let you in on a secret? The last few months have been exhausting! I’ve been crazy busy with family stuff, planning some home projects for this summer, and lots of blog work. But whether work is thrilling or terrifying, I always take time to soak it in by taking time to journal, meditate, and BE in the present. This is the life I dreamed of, and I’m here for every up and down. How do you like to soak it all in?

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Random Thoughts

  1. I love my bathroom.  It's my retreat from the craziness.  I'm obsessed with bath bombs and essential oils.
  2. This spring, I'm thinking of digging out a new flower bed just for medicinal herbs.  There are some great plants out there that are so healing!
  3. I've been working on some new crafty cards made with my Cricut.  
  4. Have you checked out our Instagram for quick tips and inspirations? 
  5. I'm so excited about all of the travel adventures we have already booked for 2022!  We are taking the camper to the beach, the mountains, and maybe even across the country on a big tour!

What do we do in the winter in our farmhouse?

Since life is a little slower in the winter, not much is growing outside.  I have more time for my winter projects.  But mostly, we do a lot of deep cleaning, organizing, and planning.  This week I'm returning to my closet for more organization and cleaning out the clutter. 

Now that all of the kids are finally out of the house, we have some extra space that my husband and I both were able to turn into areas that we would enjoy.  He has a workout room, and recently I turned one of the smaller rooms into my yoga and mediation room.  We decluttered and moved an old chair up from the basement, and now I have a warm, sunny, comfortable space to meditate and reflect in.  

My husband also laid down padded tiles for me, so I have a softer cushioned area for yoga instead of the relentless hardwood floors.  We are deciding on paint colors still.  But it's coming together.  I'll have to add some photos soon.  Check on Instagram.

Mindfulness Moments

Take some time to find a quiet space for yourself. Light your favorite candle, close your eyes, and breathe in the moment. Let go of the idea that you need to be busy to be successful. Let go of the idea that happiness has to look a certain way. 

Soak in where you are at this moment. What makes you happy today?

Today, I'm soaking in that I have an amazing relationship with my husband that's really starting to blossom now that we both have more time and honestly, now that we aren't raising little humans. Parenting is hard, it even sucks at times.  But there comes a moment after a very long time, that you look around and those little people have grown into wonderful, loving, adults and move on to their adult lives.  And you realize that you are now left with this other person in your life that you may or may not really know… and I'm so thankful that after all these years, that person standing by my side is actually a really awesome person that still makes me laugh.  

So I'm meditating on the moment, enjoying my quiet, and feeling the future so bright ahead of me. Living my best life.

My Favorite Finds

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This one-size-fits-all bamboo bath caddy is the perfect way to level up your bathtimes. It comes with a built-in book rest, a handy compartment with drainage to keep your sponge/poof, and a ceramic dish to burn some soothing incense.

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Final Thoughts

Y'all, I know that it's been tough for a lot of people. I want to talk personally for a moment and thank all of you for taking the time to come and read my blog. 

Here's the thing, we all struggle. We all have fears and things that build up. I've been really stressed about Covid for a while and afraid of my kids getting sick.  It's a lot.  I want you to know that while yes, I spend a lot of time talking about creating your best life, the truth is that nobody lives a perfect life. 

None of us are without flaws, our lives are bumpy, and we all have people in our lives that cause us pain. but it's how we respond, what we make of that struggle that defines us. 

For a while, I thought I needed to clean up my blog, make it apply to everyone, take ME out of it. But the result was… I took my joy out of it too.  

Friends, it's going to go back to Crysta talking to her friends about stuff she knows, tips she shares, recipes she cooks, and things she's thinkin.  Because that's that Dancing With Fireflies is all about.  

I'm sorry it lost a little of that, I promise, it's coming back. 

Love and Light, 


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