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10 Easy & Satisfying Vegan Soup Recipes To Try Tonight

I love soup!

Soup is my go-to lunch and dinner meal. And being vegetarian, soup was one of the first things I knew I could make for my family that they would always love.  Soup is so comforting on cold days and these vegan soup recipes will leave you feeling full and not missing the meat!

vegan soup recipes

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What is Vegan?

Vegan is a dietary lifestyle that means that you don't eat anything that comes from an animal.  This means no meat, no cheese, butter, gelatin, honey, or even eggs. 

Many vegans won't wear leather, wool, or anything made from fur. 

Vegan and vegetarians are different.  Many vegetarians still eat eggs, dairy, and honey.  But if you are cooking for a vegetarian or vegan friend, be sure to ask them for advice on what foods they do and don't eat because it can vary from person to person. 

CrockPot Vegan Chili

Vegan Chili in a Crock Pot In our home, we love to cook. But sometimes it is just easier to dump everything in the slow cooker and let it cook away for a few hours. And the house fills with the amazing smells of dinner ready to eat! This easy vegan chili recipe is so simple and good, even the kids can make it. We started teaching our kids to cook when they were very young and now that they are all grown up, I love knowing they enjoy being in the kitchen and make great meals for their friends and families. I love the fresh light taste that can be customized to your spice level.

This was one of the first recipes I wrote for this blog! And it's one of our go-to recipes that my family enjoys!

tom kha soup

Vegan Tom Kha Soup

Our comforting vegetarian Tom Kha soup will fill your bellies and hopefully soothe your worried minds. Tom Kha is an easy, dairy-free Thai soup made with coconut milk, veggies, and tofu. Our recipe is vegan and can be gluten-free, and can be easily swapped with ingredients you have in your pantry and refrigerator. We have also included many substitutions to help you to make this dish with what you have on hand. It’s tangy, savory, and flexible so you can kick up the spice or keep it tart. We love the creamy intense flavors of Tom Kha soup over some hearty white rice. It’s a filling meal without the meat!

This is another of our recipes that we always get requests to make for friends and family.  It's so much fun to make something creative for the people we care about!

Creamy Vegan Beetroot Soup

This Creamy Vegan Beetroot Soup is a vibrant, nutrient-dense dish that's surprisingly delicious! It's so smooth and perfectly spiced, enhancing its grounding power. Trust me, you'll want a big bowl of this healing soup.

I love the color of this soup! 

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Enjoy a bowl of this comforting veggie soup is made with tender vegetables, the perfect seasonings, and of course, noodles and vegan chicken. We’re using soy curls to replace the chicken because their texture and flavor is so close to the real thing, not to mention they’re a GMO-free alternative.

Gluten Free Vegan Ramen

It’s not easy to find successful recipes that are gluten free, vegan, AND delicious. That’s why you might be just as surprised as I was with the taste of this gluten free vegan ramen dish!

I LOVE Ramen!  Making it at home is so much cheaper and you can eat all you want!

Instant Pot Red Lentil Soup

This is the easiest Instant Pot Red Lentil Soup recipe ever. All you need is red lentils, a few spices, and lemon juice. Ready in only 8 minutes, this is a delicious and soul-nourishing soup!

My husband loves that he can make a pot of lentil soup from dry beans to serving in under 30 minutes with the Instant Pot.

Coconut Curry Soup with Crispy Tofu

Coconut Curry Soup with Crispy Tofu

This coconut curry soup with crispy tofu is filling, satisfying and extra healthy. It's dairy-free, gluten-free, and totally delicious! The crispy tofu acts just like croutons but with all the protein and a fraction of the carbs.

Vegan 3 bean chili {slow cooker recipe}

I love making chili in the slow cooker because it allows time for the flavors to develop and makes for a really delicious chili. It's also nice if you have a busy day ahead of you because it makes meal time a cinch. This chili is great for a party or get together and will hold up well for serving time.

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

This vegan pumpkin soup is so creamy, rich and nourishing. It will warm you up on cold days. It’s also gluten-free and can be ready in less than 30 minutes.

Minestrone Soup Recipe

have been so excited to share my Minestrone Soup recipe with you all. It is a fast and healthy version made with vegetables, beans, zucchini and fresh basil. It can be made vegan or gluten-free if desired. It’s high in fiber and only 111 calories per cup, but it is surprisingly filling!

Vegan Soup Doesn't Have To Be Boring

One of the things I love about cooking is how it allows me to be creative while nourishing my family and friends. It's always a great feeling when I hear the oooh's and aaaah's when they see what I've created for them. 

Vegan cooking is so creative, and I love the variations of colors, textures, and ways to substitute ingredients in old recipes to create new vegan dishes.

Tag us in your recipes and photos!

We would love to see what you've made in your kitchen!  Tag us on social media and let us see what you've been making!

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