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How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Cozy

Like most people, I have spent so much time decorating the other rooms of my farmhouse to make it feel comfortable and welcoming for my guests.  But I've neglected my own bedroom.  So we are gathering ideas, evaluating the space, and making a place for what we will do with our Owner's Suite.  We want it to feel cozy, functional, and reflect our farmhouse style. 

So, I hope you'll enjoy this post about how to make YOUR bedroom feel cozy as we explore our upcoming renovations.

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How Do You Want Your Bedroom To Feel?

Are you looking for a modern style, farmhouse, or matching a certain color scheme? I like to create a Pinterest board and collect all of the ideas in one place.  When we were building this house, I had a board for every room while we were planning.  So now I can go back to those boards and see what I still like and what I want to change. 

        Tip:  Allow yourself to dream big! And don't forget the small details. Where are the power outlets, windows, and vents?

Step 1: Cleaning

After you've dreamed about what you want your bedroom to feel and look like, the first step is a deep cleaning.  

  • Remove everything out of the room that you can.
  • Wipe down all surfaces.
  • Wash the windows and sills. 
  • Wipe down the lights
  • Mop or vacuum
  • Wash the bedding and get new pillows

We have ceiling fans, so I need to get a ladder and wipe them down periodically and make sure everything is working properly.  

Before putting anything back into the room, take a look at how the room feels without anything in it?  Spend some time looking at where the light comes in, where the A/C and heating vents blow, and how the door opens into the room.

After a deep cleaning, I like to turn on our waterless essential oil diffuser and give the room a refreshing scent like lavender, mint, or chamomile. 

Tip: Add live plants to bring in more oxygen and green up the room.  I love the way they soften up the space. 

Step 2: Accent Walls Are Still Popular

I've been looking at the beautiful accent walls on Pinterest and I think we are going to go with a deep navy blue accent wall.  The other walls are a soft gray and I think a deep darker color would be a nice visual change. 

We have rustic furniture, so I want a deep color that helps create depth and won't overwhelm the furniture. 

Paint before bringing anything back in the room. You don't want to paint around furniture.

Step 3: Arranging The Furniture

As you begin to bring things back into the room.  Start with the basics.  

  • Bed – mattress, bedding, pillows, headboard. What do you want to change here to feel more cozy?  We love fluffy blankets but not too many pillows.
  • Clothing Storage – Dressers, nightstands, and wardrobes need to be accessible and flow in your morning routine.  Don't add more than you actually need. Taking up space leads to clutter. 

Consider where the light comes in.  Will it be too bright on days you want to sleep in? Do you need new window treatments?

Step 4: Add A Mirror

One of the things I know our room is missing is a big mirror. After writing this article about mirrors recently, I realized that we didn't have one for our Owner's Suite and I've been searching for a big one that will not only be functional for dressing but also reflect the natural light in the room. 

Finishing Touches Just For You

Our guest room has a lot of special features for our favorite people, like a basket of power cords, sweet treats for late-night snacking, an extra blanket and an assortment of comforting accessories like new socks, aromatherapy sprays, first aid supplies, and a soft rug to put their feet on first thing in the morning.  Make sure you include these same self-care items in your own sacred space.  Don't hold them only for guests!

I love this tip from

Lighting can really change the mood of a room. All of the rooms of my house have overhead light fixtures, but I also like to set up table lamps for ambient lighting as well as salt lamps in the bedrooms. I’m not “hippie dippie” and I don’t believe in the “healing powers” of a salt lamp, but I do believe that the relaxing pink glow that they give off can really make a space feel cozy and warm. Plus, they make excellent night lights!


salt lamp

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We are looking for great ideas still and collecting them on our Pinterest, but we are starting to clean out the room, purge the stuff we don't need and getting ready to paint!  So stay with us on Instagram to see our progress!

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