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Surprising Household Items To Give As Holiday Gifts

Gift-giving is difficult if you don’t know what to give a person. Going by a wish list is tough because you can’t tell what someone has already purchased. So to make their Christmas even better, here’s our list of surprising household items to give as Christmas gifts.

Surprising Household Items To Give As Christmas Gifts

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Holiday Gift Giving Styles

In our family, our style of gift-giving always leans towards practical and functional. We tend to lean towards giving a much-needed vacuum cleaner over a silly ugly sweater or word of the day calendar.  But we do like to give with thought. Like we wouldn't give a weighted blanket to someone we know is always hot.  Or a blender so someone who doesn't cook. 

Here are a few surprising household items that make great holiday gifts.

Range Hood

If your friend’s kitchen has no windows or has poor ventilation, then a range hood is the perfect gift to give. Range hoods have many benefits, from preventing mildew buildup to improving air circulation by taking steam through a venting system and replacing it with cleaner air.

Steam Cleaner

Disinfectant wipes and other cleaning supplies cost a lot, so a steam cleaner would be the best present. A steam cleaner helps kill bad bacteria naturally without detergent or other harmful chemicals. This item is portable and can save your friend or family member money.

Electric Buffet Server

You no longer need to worry about having guests bring their burners to keep food warm. Gifting an electric buffet server can make the next friend or family gathering more organized, mainly by keeping the food warm for up to three hours.

Terrarium Candles

If your friend doesn’t like taking care of plants, then a terrarium candle can do the trick. It’s easy to take care of and doesn’t require water. Also, terrarium candles come in different plant types, like poppies and cacti. They are perfect for the loved one that loves candles.

Smart Cooktop

One item your friends and family won’t forget is a smart cooktop. An innovative cooktop makes cooking easy, as it connects via Bluetooth and provides audio recipes narrated step-by-step. The only steps needed are selecting a recipe and cooking. Your phone does the rest by helping the cooktop adjust the temperature and other functions.

Weighted Blanket

Another fun gift is a weighted blanket. This blanket helps those with sleeping issues drift off to sleep faster and has enough material to help a person feel warm and secure. A weighted blanket comes in many different sizes, like a 10, 15, 20, and 25-pound blanket.

Help make your family members’ or friends’ Christmas better by gifting them one of these surprising household items to give as Christmas gifts. Not only will your loved one fall in love with the appliance, but they don’t need to add any extra items they didn’t think of to their wish list. Shopping takes time, so choose a gift from the heart that your loved one didn’t expect to receive.

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