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How To Prepare Your Home for Holiday Festivities

Despite the holiday season rolling in like a candy cane spinning into eggnog, there's still time to get our home in order without having to reprieve because we feel stressed. As you get ready for guests, here's a guide on how to prepare your home for holiday festivities.

How To Prepare Your Home for Holiday Festivities

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Declutter the Home

It's hard to declutter the home. Come up with a plan to purge every room and remove any oversized items that block entryways and make a space feel too cramped.

For the living room, remove any past holiday-themed items, and place them in a dry place to use again. If there are any broken decorations, discard them.

In the kitchen, organize your dishes and leave out the ones you plan to use; that way, you don't have to sort through tons of pots and pans to find the plate you need.

Also, if any other items don't belong in the house, remove and place them in the garage for safekeeping.

Clean Every Mess

Even though we don't like to clean, we have to do it for the guests and our health and well-being. As we get together, we do small tasks, such as cleaning the bathroom and organizing the kitchen.

If you have time in the week before your holiday gathering, try and splash a new coat of paint to transition your home from darker colors to lighter. By switching from dark paint to a lighter color, you're helping the home feel calm.

Organize the Kitchen

A kitchen is the pinnacle point of every holiday. With guests rushing in and out, grabbing their food buffet-style, we need to ensure that there aren't obstacles that prevent guests from entering and leaving the kitchen.

Furthermore, here's a list of other things to organize.

  • Organize your spices
  • Place all dry ingredients out
  • Move furniture around to create room

Add a Festive Touch

Try and do all of your decorating before the actual holiday. You don't want to be racing the entire day trying to get a tree up while guests wait for you to let them in. We recommend decorating at the very beginning of the month.

Once the beginning of the month approaches, start with the tree, decorations, and then place the presents out. Also, you can add fun window clings to add a minor touch if you don't want to go all out for the holidays.

Stock Up on Essentials

If you have guests staying over, stock up on their favorite things, and get a space set up for them before they arrive. A few other things to stock up on include tables and chairs, plasticware, cups, and drinks. Also, stock up on essentials like toilet paper, personal care items, and your guests’ favorite snacks.

While learning how to prepare your home for holiday festivities, don't forget to care for yourself and have fun. The most important part of the holidays is building lifelong memories with friends and family. Enjoy the holidays and prepare at your own pace.


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