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How To Encourage Sustainability in Your Community

Do you want to change your community for the better by promoting sustainable habits? There are plenty of ways that you can help your community be more eco-friendly. Try these methods for how to encourage sustainability in your community yourself, share them with your neighbors, and propose them to your community leaders to see the positive change you wish for.

How To Encourage Sustainability in Your Community

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Form a Neighborhood Compost Bin

Try kickstarting the eco-friendly movement in your own neighborhood by setting up a neighborhood composting bin. Your home might not go through enough food scraps to efficiently create a compost pile, but compiling the foods scraps from your neighborhood will definitely give you enough to work with. Once you start up and cycle through the compost, you can even distribute it back to your neighbors as fertilizer for gardening purposes.

Start a Recycling Program

Find out if your area already participates in a recycling program or not. If not, try to start a recycling program in your own community. Propose a recycling plan to your community leaders by citing programs that work well in surrounding areas and towns. And if your community already has a program, make sure that your family and surrounding neighborhood participate by washing your recyclables, sorting them, and practicing other good recycling habits.

Volunteer for Sustainable Programs

See if your community runs any eco-friendly and sustainable volunteer events. Many communities run events that feature litter cleanup, planting trees, and more. Every community can benefit from these volunteer efforts, so you’ll likely be able to find events like these through one community program or another.

Spread the Word

Finally, the only way to get the entire community on board with eco-friendly events and habits is to spread the word. Engage your neighbors by sharing your own sustainable habits at home, like recycling and composting. If every family in your community did one small part to contribute to the sustainability effort, it would have a major positive impact on the entire community.

Now that you know how to encourage sustainability in your community, get out there and spread the word. All these methods are simple and accessible for many communities to take part. Before you know it, these small efforts will add up to a major eco-friendly movement in your community.


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