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Fun And Romantic Home Date Nights Ideas For Happily Married Couples

Just because you have been married for a while doesn't mean that the romance has to cool down. From “Spa Nights” to sizzling dinners made together.  We have a few ideas for your next romantic date night.

date night ideas

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We are empty nesters!

I can't believe the last of our little ducks have flown away. Our daughter, the baby, found her wings a few weeks ago and bravely moved across the country to make a life of her own.  And while I am SO proud of her, and her brothers, it feels weird to have so much alone time with my husband!

Michael and I have been married basically since we were kids.  We raised a house full of amazing souls. Some were born to us and others were adopted or just seemed to show up and call us Mom and Dad.  And while I LOVE that, it's also kind of weird now that they are all grown up and we are trying to find things to do together.

1. Re-Create Fun Experiences At Home

We love to travel, try new things, and we've had a lot of great times together.  But trying to keep up the romance AND a budget can be hard.  So why not call up some creativity and recreate some of your favorite fun experiences you had together at home? 

A Spa Night doesn't mean you have to go out to a fancy place and spend a small fortune. Create a “massage station,” per say, and fill a tray/table with massage oils & lotions, eye mask, and warm towels. You can even play a little relaxing music to really set the scene.

2. Tasting Nights

Some of the most fun we have had as a couple has been trying new food, drinks, or going to tasting events.  Bring that fun home with wine, chocolate, or apple tasting! You can find printable tasting kits online to help you both learn about the different things you are trying.  You can even create a scoring sheet and try different pairings with complementary foods.  

14 Day Love and Kindness Countdown Calendar

3. Theme Date

Enjoy a theme night! Choose a theme and plan your evening around it. For instance, an Italian theme night might include lasagna and gelato.  Rent a movie like The Italian Job and snuggle up on the couch. Some other fun theme ideas might include Mexican, Asian, Christmas, and Retro.

4. Date Night Conversation Ideas

A few months ago, my husband surprised me with a list of questions he'd found online to spark conversations. I was really surprised at how much I loved this shift from talking about the house, the kids, or work.  Since then, I'm always looking for conversation starters that keep us learning about each other and the conversation more meaningful.  Check out these great questions for a great date night. 

5. Movie Night In A Jar

I love this creative Movie Night In A Jar idea from that is one part crafty and one part prepared!

Tips to Make a Date Night in a Jar

  • Don’t be afraid to personalize the goods inside to surprise your significant other.
  • Pull out your movie night in a jar anytime – it doesn’t have to be at night!

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