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Energy Saving Tips for Keeping Your Home Extra Warm In The Winter

As the winter months rapidly approach us like a nonstop train, we need to get our homes ready! There are many natural ways to keep your house warm during the colder months. Try following these tips for keeping your home extra warm in the winter and save energy and money.

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Keep the Air Out

Often, our doors and windows let in a cold draft without our knowledge, causing the house to feel colder than usual. We may think our heater broke or someone left the door open.

Little do we know, the air from outside enters from underneath doors and through the thin cracks in window frames!

A great way to offset the cold air from entering your home is by placing a door sweeper underneath your entrance/exit doors. This will keep the heat inside your home, where it belongs!

You may consider using a plastic film to trap the heat inside. You can use the “shrink wrapping” technique by using a blow-dryer to seal the plastic to your windows, preventing cold air from slipping through.

Switch Your Ceiling Fan

Not many people know this, but your ceiling fan has two different purposes. When spinning counterclockwise, a fan can move the air around the room, keeping homes cool in the warmer months.

However, you may find a switch on your ceiling fan that causes the fan to spin clockwise. When rotating clockwise, your fan can help bring the heat down, spreading it around the home.

Doing so can also help bring your costs down, as you won’t need to raise the temperature too much; your ceiling fan can disperse the heat around the home.

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Keep Vents Clear

Your vents are here to help you, and you repay them by blocking it off? This may sound obvious but move all furniture and objects away from your vents. With a forced-air system, your ducts may be trying to push out air that isn’t reaching the room, causing an imbalance in your air ventilation.

New season, new room arrangement! Set some time aside to walk through your home and check each vent to ensure nothing stops the heat from coming through.

Let the Light In

The sun can warm up your home, and the best part of it? It’s free! Open your curtains or blinds and let the sunshine into your home during the day. Just be sure to close your curtains in the evening to block the cold air from reaching your home through the windowpanes.

Fix Any Broken Appliances

If you experience unusual cold temperatures in your home, your heater may be damaged or broken. This may require a consultation from an experienced heating and cooling expert. You may also consider some tips for improving your baseboard heater’s efficiency, as it can affect your home’s ability to trap heat.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Extra Warm in the Winter

Prepare your home easily with these tips for keeping your home extra warm in the winter. Depending on where you live, the winter may be brutal or mild. Either way, it’s always good to be prepared!

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