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Everything You Need for a Cozy Fall Bonfire

What better way is there to spend an autumn evening than around a fire with your friends? Here’s everything you need for a cozy fall bonfire.

When the weather gets colder, there’s no better place to gather with friends than around a roaring fire with blankets, s’mores, and cider. There’s something almost magical about the chill in the air and the warmth of the fire. Add your favorite people to the mix and you have a wonderful autumn night that you’ll always cherish. Ready to pull off the perfect bonfire party? Here’s everything you need for a cozy fall bonfire everyone will love.

Everything You Need for a Cozy Fall Bonfire

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The Perfect Setting

The firepit is obviously a key component, but if you’re planning a bonfire, you likely already have that on hand. If you don’t, check out portable firepit options. These are gorgeous, convenient, and easy to place anywhere in your backyard. Just be sure to check with local laws first, and always follow responsible fire practices.

Once you have your firepit figured out, it’s time to think about everything around the fire. Do you have enough seating for everyone? You can set up lawn chairs, deck chairs, picnic blankets, and other options for guests. Make sure there’s plenty of lighting, too. String lights and lanterns are perfect for keeping a space visible without drowning out the charm of the fire or the stars.

Cozy Accessories

It's always a good idea to stock up on hardy, comfortable outdoor gear that can keep out the nighttime chill or late autumn breeze. Don’t forget warm accessories like gloves and hats. If you have spares, dig them out of the closet for guests to borrow when the night gets cold.

You can also do this with extra blankets. Keep a basket or bin of all the blankets you’re comfortable having outside. Place the pile nearby so guests can take one and put it back as they please.

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Drinks and Snacks

Roasted marshmallows are a given, but what other treats can you provide at your bonfire? Bags of kettle corn, apple slices and caramel sauce, or a bowl of sweet and salty trail mix are all seasonal favorites. Alternatively, take some of the pressure off yourself by asking guests to bring their favorite autumn treats.

Don’t forget the drinks, either! Keep the kettle brewing for tea and hot cocoa. We love our Coletti Boulder, it keeps drinks HOT for over 4 hours.  Warm apple cider is another delicious seasonal beverage. Make apple cider in a crockpot and keep it warm all night so guests can serve themselves as they please. Set up a drink station with mugs, bags of cocoa and tea, and anything else you might want when making your favorite warm beverage.

Once you have everything you need for a cozy fall bonfire, you’re ready to build a roaring fire and enjoy a relaxing night with friends and family.

Our Favorite Bonfire Accessories

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