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6 Satisfying Hot Drinks To Warm You Up This Winter

When the weather chills, I turn to a hot mug of something sweet to warm me up. Today we have a collection of 6 satisfying hot drink recipes to share that will warm you up and make you want more!

I've been busy trying new recipes, taking fun new photos for fall and winter projects, and working on new craft projects for Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays.  So I've enjoyed tucking away in my new workspace.  My youngest moved to her own apartment recently, and I've taken over her basement apartment.  It's so crazy to have so much space to myself!  But even though I miss her, it's is quite nice to have this extra space to work! 

The dogs and I have been enjoying these cool fall mornings, and I have loved trying these recipes to find the best ones for you!

Love hot chocolate? Have you tried hot cocoa bombs? We discovered these fun treats last winter and fell in love.  Check out our collection of 11 Delicious Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipes.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin Spice Latte Season is here! This week we share one of my FAVORITE drinks, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are my Go-To chilly weather drink. And all you need to make them at home is a few easy ingredients and 5 minutes!

Instant Pot Apple Cider

Instant Pot Apple Cider

Fragrant and comforting Instant Pot Apple Cider is full of amazing fall flavor! Instant Pot Mulled Cider is the perfect drink for serving during the holiday season.

Homemade Gourmet Rocky Road Hot Chocolate Recipe

This gourmet rocky road hot chocolate recipe is so easy to make and absolutely delicious! If you love a good hot cocoa recipe, try this one at home.

Cardamom Latte

Cardamom Latte

This creamy and fragrant cardamom latte is warm and inviting. Adding this unique spice brings a sweet, floral and peppery flavor to your homemade latte that you won’t soon forget..

Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte

Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte

Our Vanilla CBD Rooibos Tea Latte is so good and a gentle way practice some self-care. I love starting my day off knowing that I can do something simple to control how I feel, improve my health, and give myself a little self-care each morning. You can even incorporate a few minutes of mindfulness while you wait for your tea to steep. Take a few minutes to calm yourself, practice your breathing exercises, and set your intention for the day.

Indian Masala Chai

There's nothing as good as the perfect cup of Indian Masala Chai whether it's in the middle of summer or for cozying up in the winter. Black tea is simmered with warming and fragrant spices and is best served with Parle-G biscuits or cake rusk for dipping.

Want something to top your coffee with?  Try our Caramel Sauce recipe for a delightful sweetness to your favorite coffee. 

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