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The Most Inspiring Garden Themes To Try Out

Life can feel boring without something to admire or add to season after season, especially if you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors. To help kick your creativity into gear, we have a curated list of the most inspiring garden themes to try out in an attempt to impress your neighbors and friends.

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Planning a Garden

No matter what time of year, I'm always in garden planning mode. But fall and winter when I grab my pen, paper, and start collecting ideas for my next garden themes.  When the weather isn't the best for getting out and digging, it's usually the best for looking back at the year and making notes about what areas got the most sunlight, the best water drainage, and what plants did well. 

I have a garden planner where I collect all of the information and start to plan out what I should do differently.

Garden Themes

Every year I come up with an overall theme, and I also look to see what beds might need makeovers.

For my flower beds, I always have a color theme that changes from year to year.  Working with the colors of my theme, I work in annual flowers in the colors of my theme along with the perennials

For example, a few years ago, after my favorite musician Prince died. My entire garden was dedicated to all things Purple.  Every bed was a wash of variations of purple and it was beautiful!

Here are a few other theme ideas for your garden planning:

A Chef’s Winning Herb Garden

Whether you’re the famous chef in the family, enjoy drinking herb-infused teas, or enjoy raising your own spices, you’re going to enjoy the vast wealth of having an herb garden. This garden theme is fun in many ways, especially with the array of colors that come up when the plants are in full bloom. Some garden sub-genres to create include apothecary, tea, spa, or a pizza garden. Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to search for herbs that survive in a specific type of soil or bloom year-round.

An Aromatic Fragrance Garden That Pulls Others In

If you enjoy the sweet, rich aroma of fresh flowers blooming from the early harvest, you’re going to enjoy planting aromatic flowers like jasmine and gardenias. These gardens are fun and super easy for children to help tend. These flowers can help make the area smell nice and add plenty of flair to your home.

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A Truly Beautiful Asian-Inspired Garden

If you stop and stare at falling cherry blossoms trees in Washington, DC, during the early spring, you might want to start considering an Asian-inspired garden. The most popular themes to choose from are Japanese and Chinese-inspired, especially when displaying art pieces in the area. Add plants like evergreen bushes, some sharp rocks to help elevate the yard, and sculptured trees like the beautiful cherry blossom tree, to set the tone of the area.

Landscaping a garden is a ton of fun but hard work. The best part of working with the most inspiring garden themes is combining them with some fun household items that you can repurpose for the garden. Get inspired and try out one of these fun, inspirational garden themes today.

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