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How To Make Fun Halloween Popout Cards

Feeling crafty and looking for fun Halloween crafts to make to share with friends and family?  We made these fun popout cards and it only takes about an hour to complete.

Difficulty: Medium

The folding can be a little tricky.

How to make Halloween popout cards

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What are popout cards?

These fun layered cards don't open from side to side.  They actually pull forward and the elements have more of a 3D effect. 

When you make paper cards, you have a lot of freedom to be creative, add extra details, and make them personalized.  We used two different color styles for our papers to give each a subtle difference.  But I think they both look great. 

How to make Halloween Popout Cards 

For this project, we used our Cricut to cut out each of the pieces.  Then carefully pieced them together using glue and foam tape.  

Cricut makes cutting tiny details so easy.  You simply upload the SVG files which are the pattern pieces of your project.  Then your Cricut will cut each piece out of cardstock.

We used 65lb cardstock paper from A Cherry On Top Crafts

Cut, Fold, Glue!

This project was a little tricky in that you have to line up the pieces and slide them together over the slits so that they accordion fold together. 

Admittedly, I had to make this over a couple of times because I kept gluing the black details on the wrong side of the fold.  So I STRONGLY suggest that you use glue or tape that you can tack the pieces down and reposition them to make sure you have everything on the right side. 

For the ghost, house, and moon, I used double-sided adhesive tape. 

Resize to fit your needs

This pattern file comes from Dreaming Tree. I used chalk to give more detail and texture to the pieces and a few little gems for extra flair. 

My Cricut makes it so easy to resize your projects to fit your needs.  This card was originally HUGE and I wanted to tuck it into a little package for my kids.  So I changed the overall size down to about 6 inches tall. 

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