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Myths About Minimalism

Simple Living and Minimalism go hand in hand.  But there are many myths about Minimalism that just aren’t true for me. Each of us has a different way of looking at Minimalism and how it works for our lives.

Myths about Minimalism

Myth: Minimalists only own 1 shirt.  

LOL!  While many people who have adopted this state of mind actually do shave down their wardrobes or have 5 blue shirts, the idea is for a reason.  If you can save time and mental energy by not choosing what you will wear each day, you can use that time and energy for other things more important.

I, however, find that wearing the same thing over and over actually stresses me out.  In fact, my husband, who could and would wear the same nerd t-shirt and jeans every day, knows that this drives me a bit wonky.  I will admit that I do own 10 pairs of black leggings and a LOT of band t-shirts, and that’s my go-to outfit. 

Minimalism teaches you to be mindful about what you own and what you buy.

Myth:  Minimalists have nothing in their kitchens.

This is also not true for everyone.  Because I’m a food blogger and a foodie, I cook a LOT.  I also need to take photos of the food we make to share it with all of you. 

Unlike many food bloggers, that kitchen you see in my farmhouse kitchen photos… that’s my actual kitchen.  But I make an effort quarterly to go through my kitchen and sort through what I use and what’s just clutter.  At one point, I owned 8 pie pans! But I only used 1 or maybe 2, so it was time to choose which one I loved and which ones would be given to the kids or friends.

Myth: Minimalists eat the same thing every day.

This one is a little bit of yes and no.  While I love batch cooking and making a large meal on Monday that can be used for lunch the whole week or turned into other dinners.  I also rely heavily on what’s in season in my garden, what’s fresh in my refrigerator, and just like my clothes… I HATE repeats!

For breakfast, I usually have a smoothie or a bagel or avocado toast.  If I have carbs for breakfast, I’ll have a smoothie for lunch.  Or I’ll have a premade leftover for lunch.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time making something fresh for lunch which requires a lot of cleanup or thought.

Simplicity and Minimalism:

I’ve lived in big spaces and I’ve lived in tiny spaces – like my friend’s couch!  When you focus on only keeping what you actually need, love, and use, you won’t feel burdened by stuff.

When I lived in a tiny trailer, it was actually easier to make sure that everything had space and a purpose. I didn’t have a large budget for junk, so everything had to serve multiple jobs. 

How that I do have a larger farmhouse, it is a little harder to keep inventory and make sure everything serves a purpose.  That’s why I like my rooms to have simple décor and lots of open spaces.  Every day, I go through our home and return things to their place. We don’t keep paper trash.  Mail is sorted and recycled in the garage before it comes into the house.  Then we act on whatever important piece of mail comes in.   Paper clutter seems to multiply overnight.  So it’s one thing we tackle every day.

When I shop, I have the mindset that for everything that comes in… one or two things need to go out.  This means if I buy a sweater, I go into my closet and find two shirts or sweaters to donate.

When you commit to living life more simply, you start to apply that to all areas of your life.  From your workday and your digital life, to your relationships with other people. One truth about Minimalism is that it changes how you see the world and how much stuff you own.

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