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Creating Fall Worthy Outdoor Spaces

Fall is just around the corner and already I'm seeing cozy mugs and luxurious fall blankets starting to pop up. But living on the East Coast means we get an extended fall season that's perfect for outdoor living long into November.

This is the year we all learned to stay home and make our living spaces maxed out. So we have a few great ideas for creating beautiful outdoor living spaces that scream FALL!

entertaining in the fall

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Creating Outdoor Living Spaces That Reflect The Seasons

Most people think that once the kids go back to school, our outdoor living time starts to wind down. However this is the year that we focus on creative living spaces that give the family more areas to spread out and enjoy. We love seeing outdoor living spaces that maximize every inch of space and help families find more peace inside and out.

When we moved into our new farmhouse and spent a lot of time trying to get settled into our new indoor space. We didn't spend a lot of focus on the outdoors.  We built a great deck and did some minor landscaping projects. But last year we took on some much bigger scaled projects, including digging for a pool!

Unexpectedly Covid-19 came and we discovered how difficult large scale projects could be. 

Getting permits in Maryland for our swimming pool took over 8 weeks, and after that we struggled to find contractors who could do the work.  Thankfully, with some time and patience we were able to create a great outdoor living space that our whole family enjoys.



Plan Out Your Spaces

One of the biggest errors in decorating is not planning out your space before going shopping. What colors, textures, and themes are you trying to use? Who will this space be for?  Will children and pets use this space and what special needs do they have?

Being social doesn't mean you need to party all night.  Why not invite a couple friends over to enjoy some peaceful quiet conversation instead? 

Find a space outdoors to create a place where you can meditate on your own, relax with your partner, and even share with a couple friends.  A cozy shaded corner of the yard can be cleared away to tuck a couple comfortable chairs, small table, and some candles for a lovely fall space. At night light it up with some small twinkle fairy lights, some gentle music, and relaxing decaf tea

We suggest planting marigolds, lemongrass, basil, and citronella in this space to keep the bugs at bay.


Offer your guests, cozy throws to wrap up in.

I always have a few cozy lap blankets available to offer to my guests for those chilly nights. Then at the end of the evening, I bring out a wicker basket for everyone to leave their blankets in, and the next morning they are all tossed into the washing machine.  I like the smaller size lap blankets that are comfortable to wrap up in around the fire but cheap enough I don't mind if they are accidentally stained.

Let's stay in and go to the movies outdoors!

I'm pretty sure it will be a looooonnng time before I step foot in a movie theater again. But I love the experience of going to the movies.  

We purchased a video projector that we can play off of our laptops and great outdoor speakers for that movie theater sound. 

Don't forget to think of the little things when entertaining outdoors

I love early fall and watching the sunset over the fields.  But what I don't love is that the outdoors also coming with some annoyances like mosquitos, flies, and yellow jackets. 

Burning citronella candles will help keep the gnats and bugs away. 

Campfires and S'mores!

My family loves cooking marshmallows over a wood fire bonfire.  We got the new Solo Stove so we can sit out under the stars and make s'mores late into the evening. It puts out a lot of heat and light, so it's perfect for fall evenings.

I love that the Solo Stove actually wicks away the smoke, so you don't carry the smell with you when you leave the campfire. 

10 Favorite Products of 2020

There is something special about spreading out a picnic blanket, laying out your picnic basket full of yummy food, and spending time under the big open skies.  These days we have the opportunity to bring back some of those long-forgotten activities.

We know this time requires a little more creativity. But we know you can do it.  We will keep collecting ideas to share with you.  If you have something that you think is a great way to spend more time entertaining outdoors, we would love to hear it!

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