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6 Landscaping Ideas for Hilly or Sloping Areas

Hillsides are notoriously tricky to landscape. Check out these landscaping ideas for hilly or sloping areas and turn your backyard into a stunning oasis.

While hillside homes can be gorgeous, landscaping can be a challenge. The threat of soil erosion is always present, and maintaining a garden on a slope can be difficult. But the potential for creating stunning vistas is great. Here are some landscaping ideas for hilly or sloping areas!

6 Landscaping Ideas for Hilly or Sloping Areas

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Dividing a steep hill into tiers can make the area more manageable and help to reduce erosion. The use of railroad ties, patio pavers, or concrete blocks can make your property look more dramatic.


If soil erosion is a concern, you can put in plants for erosion control. Your options will vary based on where you live and the amount of sun the spot gets. Grasses or plants that are native to your region and have deep or extensive root systems work best.

Rock Garden

Still, sloped areas can make it difficult for plants and other foliage to thrive. Rock gardens can be an excellent solution for more arid climates or stubborn slopes that refuse to retain water. You can create a fun design with various rocks along with grasses and creeping ground covers.


If your plants are flourishing, add an architectural element with a staircase. Again, railroad ties or stone pavers can create this feature; try to incorporate the stairs into the center of your landscaping. Plants on either side will help it blend into your design.


Have you thought about having a water feature on your property? Even though this project is ambitious, the height of your backyard will work to your advantage. You can create a stunning feature that will turn your property into an oasis.

Retaining Wall

If you’d like to make your backyard more functional and cut down on erosion, cut into a particularly steep hill by building a retaining wall. You can create a planting area for flowers or soil-resistant plants behind the wall and reserve the rest of your yard for a lawn.

Initially, your backyard might seem impossible to redesign, but any of these landscaping ideas for hilly and sloping areas could solve your problem! Turn a challenging yard into a welcoming oasis.


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