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What You Should Know Before Adopting Your First Pet

Animals need proper care and attention, so here is what you should know before adopting your first pet. Time to get ready to meet your new friend!

So you’ve decided to add a furry little cutie to your family. Congratulations! We’re so excited for you! There are a few things you should know before adopting your first pet, though. You’re starting a new chapter of your life by taking a new pet into your wing.

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Decide Where To Adopt Your Pet

People adopt their pets from many different places, including pet stores, shelters, and friends and family. But the best place you can adopt your pet is a shelter. When you go this route, you could be rescuing your pet from a sad fate. If you’re hoping to save a bit of money, ask your friends and family to see if they know a foster that’s looking for potential new owners!


One of the most important factors of preparing to adopt a pet is making sure you have the funds to do so. Combining adoption fees, food, bedding, veterinarian fees, and more, adopting a pet can be costly. Try to save up $500 to adopt your pet, and be ready to spend $500 a year for ongoing care costs!

If you want to spoil your furry friend, be ready to spend even more.

Preparing Your Home

Cats and dogs (and all other pets) are curious. Before you’ve officially adopted your pet, prepare your home for their arrival. This means essentially babyproofing your home. If you have any harsh chemicals sitting out, put them away where your pet can’t access them. Preparing your home for your pet is super important to ensure its safety and comfort.

Create a small space with a bed, water and food bowls, and a bathroom area that it can call its own. As your pet gets comfortable in your home, it’ll start to venture out and explore.

Vaccines And Vet Care

As part of the costs of owning a pet, you’ll definitely want to make sure you take it to the vet at least a few days after you’ve adopted it. This will ensure it gets all of the necessary vaccines and care that it needs to be healthy and happy!


When you adopt your first pet, you’ll want to determine where its comfort levels are and how it responds when it’s out of its comfort zone. Is it comfortable riding in the car, or does it cower in the corner out of fear? Understanding your pet’s boundaries can help you respect them, which will strengthen the relationship you share.

Whether you’re going on vacation or moving, you should follow a few tips to ensure your new furry friend is safe and comfortable.


Training your pet is more than just getting it to speak or do tricks. Training ensures that it understands and respects the rules of your home and listens to you. Find a pet training program near you, or go online for some training tips!

Dry VS Fresh Food

There are so many great pet foods out there to choose from. Do some research to discover which pet food is best for the breed and age of your new pet.  Our older dog, Wynter loves fresh warm soft food.  That's why we chose Pet Plate for her.  They blend her senior meals with the correct ingredients to keep her healthy.  

But we have different food for Riley who has a special needs diet and prefers dry food.  Bixbi is what we feed Riley and he loves it. 


It’s an exciting time to start this new chapter of your life, but there are many things you should know before adopting your first pet. Remember that your new pet’s safety and comfort are high on the priority list; right next to naming it, of course!

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