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How To Help Your Indoor Plants Grow

Want to get your plants big and bountiful? Follow this quick guide on how to help your indoor plants grow—you don’t want to miss out on these tips!

Tired of dry, limp plants? Want your houseplants to look as bountiful as they seem in Pinterest pics and home improvement shows? Then it’s time to do some reading and figure out what you’re not doing that you should and what you are doing that you shouldn’t! We’ve compiled some tips below in our quick guide on how to help your indoor plants grow. Take a look and see if you need to adjust your routine!

How To Help Your Indoor Plants Grow

Watch Your Water

Too much water is bad. Too little water is bad. So how do you find a happy medium? Most indoor plants require way less water than you think, so err on the side of less water. Plant roots need more than just water to live—they need air as well. And when you overload with water, you undervalue air.

Try out some tools that you insert into the soil and that tell you when to water. Read up on your plants, and see what other gardeners have to say. But most importantly, let air into your plants’ roots.

Think About a Makeshift Greenhouse

People often leave their plants out in the open air. But if you don’t keep your home humid and sunny, then it may not be the best place for a lot of your plants, stunting their growth. For peskier houseplants, think about building a makeshift greenhouse. You’ll need:

  • High humidity: More water and higher temperatures!
  • Clean air: Use fans to bring in clean, fresh air.
  • Lots of light: Utilize different lighting fixtures within to increase temps and give plants the light they need.

Fertilize the Right Way

Want to know how to help your indoor plants grow? Don’t ignore the power of fertilizer. Some people have concerns about using fertilizer for indoor plants, but the key is to get a brand that works and not to overuse it. A mixture of potting soil and fertilizer works perfectly. Indoor plant food also ensures a successful grow without overburdening the roots.

Use Tech To Help

Our last little tip is about using technology. Different apps can help you figure out when to water, how much to water, how much sunlight your plants need, and more. And of course—the power of social media! From Facebook groups to Instagram stories, you can share and get advice from others to see how you can help your plants grow.

How To Help Your Indoor Plants Grow

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