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How To Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer

Are you and your backyard ready to party this summer? Get your own little slice of the outdoors prepared for a season of barbecues and birthday parties.

You may be done with your spring cleaning, but the tidying doesn’t stop there. After you finish brightening up your indoors, you should look out the window and make plans for your yard. As visions of picnics and cookouts dance through your head, think practically about how to get your backyard ready for summer with a few easy tips.

How To Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer

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Preliminary Weeding

Whether or not you have an elaborate garden, you may have a few stray dandelions or bits of crabgrass scattered across your yard. Pull them up and thoroughly fertilize your lawn.

Dust off Equipment

What’s going on in your garden shed? Are some of your tools crusted with last year’s dirt? Empty out your shed and give everything a good cleaning. Scrub your barbecue and clean your fire pit if you’ve got one. While you’re at it, power-wash your patio—you’ll be amazed at the difference a simple cleaning makes.

Take Out the Trash

Whether it’s yard waste or debris from a home project, clear any and all garbage from your yard. You can put some yard waste bags on the curb alongside your household trash, but you’ll have to arrange for things like old fencing and broken furniture to get hauled away or put in a dumpster.

Creative Gardening

A beautiful, well-kept garden is a point of pride for your yard. Your family and guests will enjoy seeing flowers in bloom. You can even keep a vegetable garden and send party guests home with baskets of tomatoes, spinach, and cucumbers!

Ward off Pests

Plant citronella around your patio area if you can. Otherwise, citronella candles and torches provide ambient lighting and keep mosquitoes at bay.

Bright Décor

What kind of outdoor furniture do you have? If you had to throw out last year’s rickety chairs, it’s time to be creative in choosing new ones! Pick a color scheme that makes you happy and decorate around it. Crisp white wicker chairs with bright blue cushions, for example, are stylish and comfortable. And if you’re not in the market for anything new, give your old furniture a fresh coat of paint.

This summer, freshen up your backyard with these easy tips and get ready for a season of outdoor activities and fun with friends. You know how to get your backyard ready for summer—now go forth and work your magic!

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