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5 Areas in Your Kitchen That Need Cleaning More Often

No one likes a dirty kitchen, and people especially don’t like eating in one. Areas like kitchens need cleaning more often than you may think.

It’s essential to keep your entire home clean, but the kitchen is the one area we may occasionally do a deep clean. You may think it’s okay to let the kitchen go without cleaning for a while; however, doing so invites harmful bacteria into your home that can potentially get you sick. So, before we go further, here are five areas in your kitchen that need cleaning more often than you may think.

5 Areas in Your Kitchen That Need Cleaning More Often

The Sink

Yes, the place where you leave your dirty dishes is one of the most polluted places in your entire home. So, you should be cleaning it every other day to help keep it safe. Some good news: kitchen sinks are the most manageable part of the kitchen to clean.

You can use various products, from creating your own concoction with vinegar to a store-bought anti-bacterial product. Then, right before you go to bed, check your sink for mildew, any chunks of food, or water stains, and give it a quick wipe down.

Countertops, Stovetop, and Rangehood

Did you use either of these lately? There’s a high chance you did, and you should be wiping them down at least once a day. However, you should clean it more often if there are crumbs or if something spills on accident. Also, you should be cleaning your range hood filter once a month if you have one to help keep it running efficiently. You should only clean the filter out more often if your cooking is heavy on grease or oil.

All Your Sponges

With many areas in your kitchen need cleaning more often, the most overlooked are sponges. We don’t think much of it but not washing your sponges for more than a week can make them dirty. We don’t want that, so before you finish your routine every night, put your sponge under the faucet, throw it in the dishwasher, or place the sponge in the microwave for a few seconds. If you don’t have a microwave, white vinegar is a good substitute.

The Kitchen and Dining Table

Cleaning is standard for every table in your home. Wherever you eat, always clean up after each meal and snack. You don’t want to attract any unwelcome bugs into your home, so consider cleaning off the table every day.

Spot Clean Your Cabinets, Floors, and Fridge as Needed

You should clean your cabinets, floors, and fridge now and then. If there are any spills or crumbs, clean them up right away. Like your table messes, you don’t want any unwelcome guests invading your kitchen.

Your kitchen is your getaway; it transforms into some new place every night and day and is where you make memories. So, before you start cleaning today, look over your kitchen again and make it a habit to clean these five places more often.


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