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How To Give Yourself A Fresh Eco-Friendly Manicure At Home

A beautiful Mani-Pedi doesn't have to mean a trip to the salon.  You can give yourself a fresh eco-friendly manicure with custom sized nail stickers and a few easy steps! 

ManiMe Pride Nails

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Beautiful Nails Without The Salon

A beautiful manicure used to mean making appointments, sitting in the chair with the fumes and chemicals, and hoping you can keep your beautiful nails looking great for a week.  But when we were all forced to learn how to cut our own hair and do the simple things at home… giving myself a manicure was a little self-care that I needed to do some research on and try to find better eco-friendly ways to have pretty nails without the chemicals.

Now you can order everything you need online to give yourself a beautiful manicure in under 30 minutes!

Manicure Basics:


Remove your old polish: 

Remove all of your old polish with a Vitamin-enriched soy nail polish remover with essential oils, like ella+mila's acetone-free remover.  No harsh acetates, which dry out skin and damage nails and cuticles, promoting healthy and moisturized nails. ( $11.49 ) If you have a few layers of polish, soak a cotton ball and gently press to each nail for a few seconds to “soak” the polish.  For a mani on the go, or instead of cotton balls, I keep some nail polish remover pads in my bag.  They are easy to use and great for an emergency nail fix.

Shape Your Nails

With nail clippers, trim your nails to a consistent length for all nails. Then use an emery board to shape your nails.  Try not to rub back and forth.  Shape with long smooth swipes. A glass nail file lasts longer and can be washed and sanitized.

Spa Experience at home!

We tried the ManiMitten by and it is so luxurious! By soaking your hands in these mittens, you promote stronger nails.  

The mittens include 1 pair for $5 or you can get a set of 5 pairs for $20 at  (Save 20% with our code: Firefly)

How to Use 

  • Wash hands and pat them dry. Gently pull out hand masks from packet and unfold them. 
  • Place your hand inside the ManiMitten. Use strap to secure it around your wrist. Repeat with the other hand.
  • After wearing for 15-20 minutes (don’t worry this product is touch-screen friendly), remove ManiMitten from each hand. 
  • Press any excess serum into the skin (no need to rinse!) and then admire your hydrated hands. 
cuticle care

Cuticle Care

Your cuticles play an important role in keeping bacteria out of your nail beds. I like pushing my cuticles back gently with a ceramic cuticle pen that's infused with oil that makes them feel nice. Gently push the cuticle back, mindful not to push too far back.

You can cut away the thickened skin around your nails.  Just be careful not to go too deep. 

Prep your nails for color

If you order the ManiMe nail stickers, they come with a nail prep pad.  This helps to get the oils that might prevent the best adhesion to your nails. 

I love using their basecoat, since I am in the water, digging in the dirt, and playing rough with my dogs.  

My manicures have lasted almost 3 weeks with the basecoat and the nail stickers.   I also use the ManiMe top coat and reapply that every week.

ManiMe Custom-Fit Gel Nail Stickers

The next step is my favorite.  Choose which set of high-tech laser-cut nail stickers you will wear.  They are perfectly fit to your nails and easy to put on.  

I start with my left hand, since it's the easier one for me to do.  Gently pulling the sticker from the straight tip corner and laying the curved edge very lightly at the cuticle.  Don't worry, if you make a mistake and you haven't pressed them down, you can pull it up and start again.  I've had to do that a LOT!  

Once you have the right placement, press from the cuticle with your other thumb and smooth it out to the end. The sticky gel doesn't bubble, so you can smooth them all out pretty easy.  

I like to leave my nails long, then after I have applied my new nail stickers, I use nail clippers to carefully trim the tip of my nails and the nail stickers.  You can also use a file here to get just the right shape and clean up the end of your nail stickers. 

Lastly, apply a top coat and allow to dry.   

My nails usually last 10 days, but I've had some sets for over 2 weeks!

What are nail stickers? 

Nail stickers are perfect for anyone who wants to quickly change their nail color with custom-fit stick-on gels. They are so easy to put on and take off without hours in the salon and soaking your hands in chemicals. 

I LOVE having my nails done, but I've always been unhappy with the shared tools, lack of eco-friendly or vegan options, and I always ended up bumping a nail and ruining my set almost as soon as I had them done.  

ManiMe created a high-tech custom manicure you can put on in minutes.  You scan your nails (even your toes! ) and look through their huge selection of designs.  Then they are made just for you, using 3D technology!

Choose what goes on your skin and nails wisely! 

There are so many gross and harmful chemicals that go into nail polishes and removers.  Many of those are tested on animals, blinding them and leaving them with chemical burns.  That's why we are committed to using vegan, cruelty-free products that are never used to harm animals. 

If you would like more information about any of these products, leave me a message and I'll do more research for you!

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