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My Minimalist Work Day

Many of you have asked me about how I spend my day and how I keep it simple.  It’s taken years, but I have adopted a minimalist workday and I love building this simple farmhouse life.

But being this way doesn’t mean that I have lost my creativity or junk. It just means that I make an effort to take an honest look at what steals my time and energy.

Let's Jump In!

My Minimalist Workday

How I start my day:

I set my alarm for 6am and work out.  HA!  No, I don’t! The reality is, I don’t have an alarm.  In fact, I get up when I feel like getting up.  But most days, that’s around 8am.  However, I do actually wake up about 7am naturally. Then I  spend time slowly getting myself up with setting a good intention for the day, journaling, and best of all… not talking to anyone.  No matter how much my hubby likes to start talking early,  I am not a morning talker. 

After getting up and starting my day with a morning smoothie or cup of tea, it’s time to get to work.

Being mentally healthy is as important as physically fit.

I used to work out first thing in the morning for me.  But what I realized after a year is that I am most creative early.  And I wasn’t getting to my office before 10-11 am… meaning, I was losing my most creative energy while working out.  So that had to get switched out so I could capture my best working hours.

Simple Living Tips

My work demands that I be creative, so I need to feed that Creativity with Self-Love.

I discovered that when I was most productive at the right times, I had more time to free up to do other things.  This gave me more time for journaling, mediation, and taking care of my garden.

Most of my day is spent taking photos, writing, and working with clients.  This means that I can actually take my work outside and move around to find what brings me the most inspiration.  Yep, I do work in the garden with the dogs, with my laptop.  That’s my happy space

Around 2pm, I start to wrap up my day.  I make my To-Do List for the following day, take a look at tomorrow’s calendar, and take a last look at emails and messages.  This wind-down process helps me put away work so it doesn’t come into my personal time.  

Organized and Scheduling = More ME time.

Being organized with my time and preplanning with scheduling tools helps me to stay current and productive even when I’m testing new recipes or cleaning out pots in the garden.  As a Content Curator, Tailwind is my lifesaver for both Instagram and Pinterest. I can load up my content and let Tailwind be my VA to post my Instagram posts and Pinterest Pins

I still make time to work out, but later.

I work out now, in the afternoons after 3 pm.  It’s how I get another boost of energy for the rest of the day.  But I stop working after I work out and spend the rest of the day balancing my work/life schedule.  This means I don’t respond to emails, do anything work-related, or take meetings after I clock out.

Because I’ve learned how to push the clutter out of my life, I apply this to my work life as well. Clearing out the digital clutter and keeping a good schedule helps me wrangle my creative side and be successful. 

I’d love to hear your process!

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