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How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Whenever you spend time inside a house or building, are you conscious of the possible air toxin exposure? It’s important to find natural solutions to make the air you breathe as healthy as possible

If you want to improve your indoor air quality, you need to decrease common toxins and increase air purifiers in your home. Otherwise, breathing indoor air toxins can cause chronic respiratory issues, headaches, fatigue and other allergy symptoms over time.  Plus, all-natural air quality boosters like plants that oxygenate the air are great for the environment. When you incorporate specific types of plants with air-purifying properties, you might even be able to completely eliminate certain toxins. A few examples of detoxifying plants include peace lilies, snake plants, spider plants and bamboo.  In the best case scenario, you would hire a professional home air quality tester to perfectly pinpoint your air quality issues. After all, you might be feeling the consequences of poor air quality without knowing the source. Check out the infographic below from HomeAdvisor, which provides an overview of how to improve air quality through a few different tactics, including various houseplants we just mentioned.   

Air Quality

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