Why Cutting Ties With Subscriptions Is The Best Thing You Can Do in 2021

Subscription boxes, subscription television, even subscription groceries are all contributing to over-spending and clutter! This is the year to cut ties with subscription services and reclaim control of your money and space!

Last year, 2020, we found ourselves housebound, bored, and subscriptions like Cratejoy, Disney+, Stitch Fix, BirchBox soared in popularity.  It was fun to get boxes delivered with surprises inside that fulfilled our shopping addictions and gave us something to look forward to. 

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Simple Life = Simple Budget

Subscription services feed into our fear of missing out, our shopping addictions, and even our need for excitement.  But what is often forgotten is the bill that comes each and every month. 

People have an emotional connection to their subscription boxes and services because they are promised something new to stimulate their happiness without ever having to leave the house. 

But those deliveries also serve up a hefty bill that adds up!  Sure, that $15 box of goodies didn't seem like much… but then you add in things like your Netflix subscription, then your subscription beauty supplies, cleaning products, pet toys, and more.. and before you know it, $$ is flying out the door.  

Embrace A Simple Life

We had to take a good look at our own list of monthly expenses when we decided we wanted to do some home projects.  I was surprised at how many little bills we had actually collected! The many deliveries I was getting for “home decor” or “Kitchen supplies” also started to add up in the amount of stuff I was trying to put away in my house.

Friends, I have to admit that as a blogger, we get pitches all the time to sell y'all subscriptions to so many things.  They would send me “free boxes” to try in hopes that I would pass them on. But the reality is, I started having a hard time with the idea of talking about minimalism and simple living while trying to get y'all to sign up for a box of stuff you didn't think about before you had it. 

So we are done with sharing those sorts of products.  We want you to make purchases with thought and mindfulness instead of just letting your money leak out of your wallets like water.

Be Mindful About Your Subscriptions

We all love those self-care treats, and we deserve them! But this year, we are also mindful of where our money is going and what we are bringing into our homes. 

Today, take a look at all of the subscriptions you are signed up for. And just like purging your closets, take some time to purge some of those subscriptions as well! 

I promise you won't miss what you don't know you wanted! After canceling your subscriptions, make sure you remove yourself from their mailing lists, and social media feeds.  All of those links are ways to hold on to your business and manipulate your fear of missing out on the next best thing! 

Next, make a promise to yourself, write it down where you can see it.  Promise yourself that you will be more mindful of where your money is going so you can use that extra cash for what really matters!

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