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3 Most Popular and Productive Pollinators in America

Have you thanked your local pollinators recently? Learn who’s responsible for our flourishing crops with this list of the most popular pollinators in America.

Spring is here, and with it comes a colorful array of flowers and crops. Are you excited to add fresh and vibrant strawberries to your spring shopping list? Maybe when the weather is nice, you can fire up the grill with our Stuffed Poblano Pepper recipe or Grilled Coconut Shrimp with Shishito Peppers . These and countless other foods are the product of hard-working pollinators.

Without pollinators helping crops flourish, farmers can’t produce essential fruits, vegetables, nuts, and more. Even livestock suffers, as pollinators are responsible for the growth of hay crops and other food supplies. Who exactly are these pollinators we owe so much to? Give it up for these most popular and productive pollinators in America.

Popular and Productive Pollinators in America

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Buzzing Bees

The buzzing bee is a sure sign of spring. When you hear these creatures gently humming in your garden, you know that winter is finally over and a season of warmth and color is upon us. Bees are by far the most common pollinators, but unfortunately, they don’t always get the thanks they deserve. Instead, many people flinch at the sight of them. Remember that most bees are simply visiting your garden on a quest to gather resources like pollen and nectar. It helps to learn how to identify different types of bees. When you can tell the difference between a sweet, curious honey bee and similar yet more aggressive insects like wasps, you can react accordingly to the visitors in your yard.



Boisterous Birds

Many people welcome birds to their yard with birdbaths and feeders, but some species of birds will be just as happy with a colorful and diverse garden. The most notable pollinator among the bird family is the hummingbird. This agile avian plays a major role in wildflower pollination. Hummingbirds drink a lot of nectar each day to keep their energy up, and they carry pollen with them as they dart from flower to flower. Their tiny bodies and long beaks make them incredibly capable flower feeders, which is why these birds are among the most popular and productive pollinators in America.

Bewitching Bats

Like bees, bats get a lot of grief from people who don’t understand them. You can find pollinating bats all over the world, but there are two prominent species in America: the lesser long-nosed bat and the Mexican long-tongued bat. As their names suggest, both creatures have evolved to be pollinating experts. Even better, bats’ nocturnal nature allows them to pollinate flowers that other pollinators might not get to. These bats’ favorite targets are larger, paler flowers that open at night. If their work as pollinators isn’t enough to earn your praise, the Mexican long-tongued bat is also an excellent bug catcher that will eat pesky insects in and around the flowers it visits.

While these pollinators aren’t everyone’s favorite animal, there’s no denying the good they do for the world. As you enjoy spring this year, keep an eye out for these invaluable creatures. You might even be lucky enough to see them work their magic on your favorite fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Pollinators Are Essential!

No matter your gardening skill, from beginner to advanced, every garden needs pollinators.  So make sure you are protecting the pollinators in your garden by using fertilizers and treatments that are non-toxic to these essential helpers. 

I hope you learned something new, and share your excitement about gardening with others.  We would love it if you could share this post and others with your friends!

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