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Wacky Summer Holidays Everyone Can Enjoy

You don’t want to miss fun opportunities. There is a great variety of wacky summer holidays everyone can enjoy that probably fly under your radar every year.

We’re all too familiar with the big, and sometimes stressful, popular summer holidays. Fun summertime holidays can sometimes feel like serious business. Just look at the craziness of organizing a Fourth of July party or the difficult task of entertaining the kids during Labor Day Weekend. This is why it’s so important to find holidays that are silly, bizarre, and designed only to bring hassle-free joy. Make sure to mark your calendars for these wacky summer holidays everyone can enjoy.

Wacky Summer Holidays Everyone Can Enjoy

June 12: National Jerky Day

Though it’s technically still in the spring, National Jerky Day is too fun to leave off the list. Since 2012, this national holiday has enthralled snack eaters across the country. With so many different ways to celebrate, from exploring exotic jerky meats to donating to the less fortunate, National Jerky Day is a holiday that emphasizes breaking bread—or beef—together.

July 2: I Forgot Day

Let’s be honest: at one point or another, you’ve forgotten a special day. Maybe it was a friend’s birthday, an anniversary, or Mother's Day. These mistakes are embarrassing and can cause conflict. Thankfully, there’s a day for you to make amends for exactly this kind of problem.  On I Forgot Day, people get a chance to redo every holiday they missed over the year. When July 2 rolls around, think of every important event you overlooked this previous year, and then get your friends and family together to reenact what you missed.

July 31: Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day

Of all the wacky summer holidays everyone can enjoy, Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day is certainly the loudest and the most musical. There are thousands of musical instruments of all different shapes, sizes, and noises. On July 31, bring uncommon instruments into your life, either by playing or listening to them with friends and family. You may discover that you have a gift for playing the theremin that you didn’t know you had.

August 7: National Lighthouse Day

On August 7, 1789, Congress decided that the federal government would control the construction and maintenance of all lighthouses in the United States. This wacky summer holiday celebrates this decision. To observe it, you can explore nearby lighthouses. Or, if you don’t live near a lighthouse, do online research on the subject and tell your friends and family what you learned.

August 27: Just Because Day

Do we really need a reason to celebrate? Is life itself not worth celebrating? Just Because Day tells you to celebrate any way you want, for no reason at all. You can throw a party or relax by yourself with a book. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you go forward with absolutely no purpose in mind.

Summer is a time for making memories in the sun. You can cultivate those memories any way you wish, but sometimes it’s helpful to have a few holidays spread throughout the season to remind us of all the excitement just outside the door.

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