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Closet Renovation: How To Get Organized

Organizing a closet can be a difficult and grueling process. Here are a few tips that should help you get your closet back into working order again.

Is your closet like so many others, with clothes spilling out like a giant landslide? There’s no need to feel ashamed—it happens to the best of us, but we know we can do better. Going through all the clothes and shoes we own to renovate our closet can seem like a daunting task, but it goes by quicker than you think if you just start. Here, we’ll give you a few tips on how to get your closet organized so that you can get some of that bedroom floor space back.

Start From Scratch

You’ll want to start by removing everything in your closet so that you can get a look at its bare bones. This is the perfect opportunity to go through your clothes and decide what you don’t need anymore. Separate out the clothes you don’t need or want, and donate them to somewhere like the Purple Heart Pickup charity so that you can have a clean slate. This will make organizing what you do keep much simpler.

Create Your System

Before you start putting everything back, consider the system you want your closet to run with. You have a few different choices for how to put your closet back together:

  • Putting it back together by color can make choosing the right tone much easier.
  • Keeping everyday clothes in the middle and those you wear less toward the wings can speed up dress time.
  • Separating clothes by season can be useful when the weather changes abruptly.

Whatever system you choose, make sure it’s one you can continue following for a while. We don’t want your closet to go back to looking like it did before you started organizing.

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Conserve Space

There are several techniques you can use to conserve space inside your closet. Rolling up articles like T-shirts, pajamas, and workout clothes instead of folding them can increase shelf space by a ton. Using hanging shelves to utilize for more vertical space can also give you way more storage than before. The more space you can conserve, the easier it will be to see everything you own and stick to your organization system.

Eye-Level Wardrobe

One of the best ways to get your closet organized is to picture where your eye will meet once you open your closet door. Wherever this point is, that’s the area you want to put your favorite or most used clothing. Organizing a closet is all for the sake of reducing the time it takes to choose an outfit. You can do this even more by making the first things you see the items you probably were going to wear anyway.

Organizing your closet can seem like a tall task when all you see is a mountain of clothing. You don’t need to finish it all in one day. Take your time with it, and you’ll have your closet back under control before you know it.

Closet Renovation: How To Get Organized

Minimalize and Save Space

Once you've pulled everything out of your closet, you'll start to see where you can simplify and save space. You don't have to get rid of everything you love, you just need to get rid of everything you DON'T love! 

We have a few other tips on how you can simplify your life and make your home the dream home you've been craving! 

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