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Why Spring Is the Best Time To Raise Chickens

Are you wondering when you should fill your brooder with brand new baby chicks? Learn why spring is the best time to raise chickens with this guide.

Every year, spring is like a breath of fresh air for the world. The sun shines warmly, flowers start to bloom, and everything becomes a little brighter. One of the best parts of spring is all the new life that comes to the world—like fluffy, chirping baby chicks. While any chicken keeper will tell you that there’s no wrong time to add new birds to your flock, many will also say that spring is the ideal chicken-raising season. From the gorgeous weather to the variety of birds available, check out these reasons why spring is the best time to raise chickens.

Why Spring Is the Best Time To Raise Chickens

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The Weather Is Perfect

You’ll need heat lamps and brooders no matter what season you choose to raise chickens in, but spring makes the process so much easier. By the time your chicks are old enough to leave the brooder, the weather will be warm enough for them to go outside—with supervision, of course. Even better, your growing chicks will step out into a world of lush grass, colorful flowers, and endless tasty bugs to munch on. Just keep in mind the best tips for feeding your chicks and chickens. While bugs are fun to snack on, a nutritious diet is an essential part of making sure your chicks grow up to be strong, healthy, and productive hens.

Take Advantage of Egg Season

Chickens naturally lay less in the winter, but egg production comes back full swing once the days get longer and warmer again. This is why spring is the best time to raise chickens. Take advantage of your birds’ natural cycles by purchasing chicks in spring. By the time summer comes around, they’ll have had a couple of months to grow and mature, so you can look forward to healthy hens and farm-fresh eggs all summer long.

It’s Easier To Get Chicks

While you can buy new chicks for most of the year, they are much more available in the spring. Hens naturally get broody in the spring, which means commercial vendors, breeders, and even local farmers have a more abundant supply of hatching eggs or chicks. You’ll also find a much wider variety of chicken breeds in the spring, making it easier to find the right birds for your flock. If you have your own broody hens, you can get adorable baby chicks that way as well.


I'll admit it, I LOVE chicks and all animals are very spoiled in our home. I love the sweet sound of their little peeping… they even do it in their sleep!  It's adorable, and when you raise them in love, they grow up to be gentle sweet creatures that thrive.  

We recommend only keeping females.  They are more docile and will provide you with enough eggs to share with friends and family. But whatever you choose, take your time to learn about the ins and outs of raising chickens before you fall in love with them and bring home a box full!  There's a lot to learn about raising chickens, but they are worth the effort!

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