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Ways To Bring Personality Into Your Home

Struggling to decorate? Add your own personal twist to your home design and décor. Here, we’ll explore different ways to bring personality into your home.

Ways To Bring Personality Into Your Home

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Designing a new home or renovating a living space can easily become overwhelming. With so many different types of styles and aesthetics to choose from, we can sometimes lose our creative personality in the mix. To learn more about how to bring personality into your home, keep reading for tips and tricks to customize and personalize your living space.

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DIY Wall Art

Wall art can say a lot about a person’s home. Whether your walls represent classic minimalism or a unique blend of shapes and colors, choosing personalized wall art can help bring personality into your home. Wall art can also showcase what matters most to you. Consider delving into DIY projects with friends or family to paint, craft, and frame customized art pieces to make an office space more personalized.

Furry friends can also provide the perfect opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve (or, in this case, your walls). Simple DIY projects such as photocopying your pet’s paw print can help dress up your home with unique treasures.

Finding Your Furniture Aesthetic

Researching different styles of home design is a perfect start to finding furniture that best fits your personality. For example, choosing furniture in colors you love is a simple way to add character to a space. Subtle details like fabric texture and pattern also add flare.

Do you prefer the straight lines and classic shapes of mid-century modern furniture? Or do you gravitate to the intricate details of vintage and rustic décor? Maybe the unique and bold geometry of art deco suits your style.

Browsing through these different approaches to home design can help you find your personal style while also giving homage to classic art movements. Once you’ve found an aesthetic that suits your style, you’re

Upcycle Statement Pieces

Are you looking for ways to bring personality into your home without buying new furniture or artwork? Upcycling provides an opportunity to transform your older furniture into new, improved, and customized statement pieces. Consider transforming older chairs into a new bench or dissecting an outdated dresser to create new nightstands. Simple upcycling methods such a repainting or refinishing dressers, drawers, and tables will modernize and personalize your favorite furniture pieces. Upcycling is a great way to gain a sense of craftsmanship and further personalize a living space.

When it comes to making our home more personal, the smallest details can make the most significant difference. Once you find which parts of your personality you’d like to reflect most in your home, customizing your design will become much easier.

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