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Spring Reset! Ways to refresh your mind and home


Does anyone else feel like they are done with winter and need a reboot?  Thank G*d, Spring is finally here!

This weekend I was outside, starting some seeds for this year's garden, and I just realized how much I really need to refresh my soul and reboot my state of mind. This has been a really long winter.

I've always struggled with Seasonal Affective Disorder or Winter depression. When I lived in Seattle, even with all of the precautions I tried to take, like natural lighting and spending more time outside in the winter, I struggled.  I am the sort of person who needs to be outside, digging in the dirt, and having time alone to reset my thoughts. 

This year, 2020's Winter of Indoor Isolation ( lol ) was ferocious. 

This season, we are taking time for mindfulness, self-care, and looking for a soft refresh of our mental outlook. 

Resetting our focus

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Ways To Reset Your State Of Mind

Sometimes I feel like I need to wake up in a whole new space.  But that's not always an option. For most of us, travel has been restricted and we can't just hop on a plane to Aruba for some beach time. But we can change our living spaces to give us a fresh perspective. 

Up until I was in my 30's I moved around a LOT and I love being able to completely transform my new space into something that set the tone of my new life in my new location.  But my husband and I tried our best to give our kids a good sense of consistency and not move them every time I got a wild hair to move.  ( Yes, I LOVE moving into a new home and setting up my space.  )

To battle my yearly desire to change things up and my creativity, seasonally my husband would indulge me in a complete room makeover in whatever room I felt needed a refresh.  This not only settled my nomad spirit, but also helped me to declutter

Ideas For A Quick and Affordable Room Makeover:

Rethink The Space: The first thing I do when I'm needing a room makeover is to take everything out of the room and start with a clean look at the space.  This is a good time to vacuum, wipe down the windows, and give it a spritz of a new smell. 

Then I sit in the middle of the empty room for a few hours and rethink what the space means to me.  

Can you swap rooms and make this room into something new? A home office, workout room, or art studio?  

Shop At Home First:  Before you go out and shop for things to decorate your new space, write down exactly what you are looking for and then search your own home and relocate your items to fill your needs first.  

Ask friends and family members if they have anything on your list.  You might be surprised at what great items they are looking to share!

Be Creative:  How your bedroom feel if you were able to move your bed to a different wall? Can you take out furniture or use a corner for a desk?

Before I settle on anything, I like to measure and rethink how exactly I want the room to function and how I can use the space better. 

When you are trying to add more minimalism to your home, give each room a complete makeover and only bringing back the furniture and decoration that a real purpose or function.  Most people don't need a chair in their bedroom, but many have them… to collect clutter and dirty clothes. 


Be Strict With Your Aesthetics: All too often, we have an idea of what we want our spaces to look like, but end up filling the area with clutter because we aren't comfortable with change.  

I used to be a book hoarder because for some reason I thought that having books was a good thing. In truth, they just took up space, once I was done with them, I never read them again.  And they made every room take on a library feel.  

When I got strict about the overall theme of my rooms, I realized that by donating my books, I had so much more space to create those desired spaces. 

Don't let “stuff” dictate how your home feels. 

Mindfulness Moments

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Favorite Recipe:

This month is Passover ( starts on the evening of Saturday, March 27th and at sunset on Saturday, April 3rd ) and we are always asked for our Passover Matzo candy recipe.  You can add your favorite toppings, white or dark chocolate, and even dried fruits!

Create Your Creative Space & Take Care of Your Mental Health

Sitting in the sunshine after planting tomato, microgreens, and lavender seeds, I realized that what I really needed to give my mind and soul a refresh was to get outside and let go of some of the thoughts that I'd been holding in all winter.  My personal creative space has always been in my garden. For the next few chilly weeks, my garden takes place in my Morning Room where the sun streams through the windows for most of the day.

Taking care of my new seedlings helps me to take action instead of dwelling on the things I can't control, like missing family time. 

I really missed having my kids home for the holidays this winter.  Usually, our winters are filled with weekend visits from all of our kids, dinner parties, and festive holidays.  But this year it was just us, and while I adore the time I have with my husband not traveling for work this year. I really missed having things to look forward to week after week. 

What also helped was to focus on work, creating content that pulled out my creative side, taking new photos for Instagram and the blog, and getting in the kitchen and learning new skills. 

We all struggle with keeping our mental health in a good place.  For me, it really helped that I have a great therapist that I can keep in touch with through virtual meetups weekly.  It has really been an asset to have someone I can work things out with from week to week.  I highly encourage everyone to take advantage of mental health practitioners if they have that ability. 

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