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DIY Spa Gift Basket Ideas and Recipes


Making yourself a priority sounds great, but is usually set on the back-burner for most people. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, fitting in time for yourself seems almost impossible. Nonetheless, self-care is extremely important as it helps encourage you to maintain personal healthy relationships and promotes peace of mind. 

To help promote self-care, gift your loved ones with a DIY spa gift basket full of natural recipes and pampering necessities! Spa gift baskets are fun, practical, and very easy to make on your own with ingredients you may already have in your home — perfect for last-minute or making in bulk. 

With a spa gift basket, you are not only gifting amazing smelling products and pampering tools. You’re giving your loved ones the gift of some well-deserved self-care and ‘me time.’ You can even add in one of these sweet printable cards to add to your basket to brighten their day even more.

DIY Spa Gift Basket

Build Your Own DIY Spa Gift Basket

To get you started, you need to know what items are needed in order to create the ultimate spa gift basket. You could create a trendy box full of the essentials or something more traditional covered in cellophane wrap. Whichever route you choose, don’t forget to personalize your basket by adding one of these printable cards.

Acts of kindness do so much for our own emotional and mental health, but don’t forget to treat ourselves as well!

Check out this infographic below to gather the needed ingredients to have a luxury home spa experience for yourself and your loved ones.

What You’ll Need

  • Basket or box
  • Tissue paper or newspaper
  • Fillers like shredded paper will add layers to your basket. 
  • Gifts of your choice like a bath bomb, hand lotions, or CBD tinctures 
  • Ribbon or bow

Then simply use one of these fantastic recipes to fill your basket or box!  Don't forget to add a special personalized note!  


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