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Amazing St. Patrick's Day Recipes


I love St. Patrick's Day! 

We collected some of our favorite St. Patrick's day recipes for treats for all ages. From cookies to coffee, we have a little treat for everyone to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Leprechaun Hat Cookies

What is St. Patrick's Day?

St. Patrick's Day has become a worldwide celebration of Irish culture that takes place on March 17th.  Celebrating the patron saint of Ireland. While most people aren't exactly sure what he did, we now have come to think of the day in shades of green, filled with shamrocks, and beer!


We like to make sweet treats for St. Patrick's Day

When my kids were all at home, this was one of the holidays we all loved to celebrate.  From green pancakes shaped like shamrocks to hunting for pots of gold hidden in the yard, this was a fun day for our family. 

Now that the kids have all grown up, my husband and I have traded scavenger hunts for a good Irish meal and cozy mint cupcakes.  

What are your St. Patrick's Day traditions? 

Easy Shamrock Cupcakes

Easy Shamrock Cupcakes

These Easy Shamrock Cupcakes are sure to satisfy the most mischievous of leprechauns. Anyone who gets to enjoy one will certainly feel lucky!

Irish Cream Tiramisu Cupcakes

Mixing the flavors of traditional tiramisu with just of touch of Irish deliciousness, these Irish cream tiramisu cupcakes are unforgettable. Whether you’re making them for St. Patrick’s Day or just because you love tiramisu, they’re sure to be a success.

Irish Coffee Recipe

Irish Coffee

Irish coffee has become one of the most popular coffee drinks around the world. This smooth, creamy concoction of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and cream will fill you with warmth and comfort. Irish coffee is the perfect beverage for snuggling by the fire on a chilly day or relaxing on the sofa after dinner.

Irish Apple Cakle with Whiskey Cream Topping

A traditional Irish recipe this apple cake with whiskey cream is fantastic for afternoon tea, dessert or brunch.

Irish Car Bomb Cake Balls

Amp up your St. Patrick’s Day by turning every American’s favorite shot into a sweet and delicious boozy confection. With the combination of Guinness to add depth and moisture to the chocolate cake, and a Baileys and Jameson whipped buttercream frosting to add just the right sweet tang, these rich bite-sized truffles are dangerously addictive.

Grasshopper drink recipe

This Grasshopper drink recipe is a delicious and easy cocktail recipe. Its mildly alcoholic that drinks like a mint chocolate dessert. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, the holidays, or when a gentle mint drink is your last beverage of the day.

Leprechaun Hat Cookies

Leprechaun Hat Cookies

Surprise your favorite little people with these Leprechaun Hat Cookies which are perfect St. Patricks Day Treats.

Thanks for coming!

We had a great time looking for treasures bring you a great St. Patrick's day recipe collection.  I hope you found something to make your day a little more fun.  We would love to see what you made!  Tag us on social media!

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