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Simple Tips For Starting Seeds For Your Garden


How many of you have started your seeds for your garden? I'm actually getting my seeds started this week and ordering my plants for spring delivery.  So to help you get your garden growing, I have a few simple tips for starting your seeds indoors.

How To Start A Garden

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When should I start my seeds for my garden?

Knowing when to start your seeds indoors or out depends on your last frost date, your type of seeds, and the “days to maturity” listed on the seed packet – this is the number of days it will take to produce fruit with the best temperatures and conditions. 

You can download this great sowing guide that will tell you the best time to start most plants before your last frost date. 

Why start seeds indoors?

Some varieties are best started indoors because you have more control over the growing conditions. Starting seeds indoors extends your gardening season, allowing you to grow varieties that require longer growing times than your area's natural growing season allows. In the case of perennial flowers, an early start can reap first-year blooms. Read more about seed starting indoors.

Garden Tip: Use Faux Plants to Protect Real Ones

Have you planted seedlings outdoors only to have them wither and die in the hot sun? Want to learn an easy way to keep that from happening (without having to start seeds indoors)? Then read this post to learn a simple dollar store trick that helps seedlings to survive.

How to grow peppers from seeds

How to grow Peppers from seeds

While it may not yet be time to get outdoors and plant your garden, it is the perfect time to plant seeds indoors. We’ll show you how to easily get started by growing peppers from seed.

how to grow alfalfa seeds

How to grow Alfalfa seeds

All you need for growing alfalfa sprouts safely and cheaply are water, seeds, and vinegar. It takes just five days start to finish. The vinegar is recommended for sanitizing so you can enjoy the raw sprouts safely.

Germinating Seeds in Paper Towel Method

Did you know some seeds can germinate as quickly as overnight? This simple and mess-free seed starting technique truly speeds things up. Check out the paper towel seed starting method, which is also useful for testing seed viability. Kids especially love doing seed experiments with this fun project!

Tools For Starting Seeds:

We found a few tools you might need to start your seeds.

5-inch Soil Thermometer – $11.49

Outdoor soil thermometers help you garden smarter! Correct soil temperatures are essential to germination success. Protect your investment in seeds, time, and energy by sowing seeds into the right soil temperature with this Taylor compact soil thermometer. Perfect for indoor or outdoor gardening. Easily fits in your pocket.

  • 5″ compact size
  • Protective holder with pocket clip
  • Easy to read

Recycled Paper Pots 3-inch paper pots (6-pack) – $2.95

Garden green!

Botanical Interests Recycled Paper Pots are an eco-friendly way to grow your seedlings.

  • Made from 100% recycled, food-grade paperboard.
  • Sustainably manufactured using low-water and low-energy use methods.
  • Biodegrades in the garden or compost bin.
  • Green alternative to plastic or peat pots.
  • Ideal for varieties sensitive to root disturbance.
  • When wet, perforated bottom allows for easy tear away and transplant.
  • Made in the USA.

Simply “pop” open the paper pot, fill with soil, and sow your favorite Botanical Interests seed! Note the variety and date sown in the label section right on the pot! They also provide a convenient way to share your seedlings with friends and other gardeners.

Patent Pending.

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