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11 Delicious Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipes


Have you heard of Hot Cocoa Bombs? WOW!!

If you've been on the internet recently, you've likely seen the explosion of Hot Cocoa bombs filled with sparkly goodness.  Today we collected our favorite hot chocolate bomb recipes and packaged them up for you!

These are easy fun activities to do while the weather is chilly and we are stuck inside!

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What are hot chocolate bombs?

Hot chocolate bombs or cocoa bombs are thin chocolate molds filled with mini marshmallows, hot chocolate powder, and other fun treats.  They go in your mug, then hot milk is poured over them and they melt and the yummy insides flow out.

To get them nice and round, you will need a good silicon mold for making chocolate bombs. 

Make sure you get “food grade” molds that hold 1-ounce. 

And you will want to experiment with different flavors and fillings, so be prepared to make a LOT!


How to make hot chocolate bombs

They are all the rage and make the best cup of hot chocolate ever! Now you can make Hot Chocolate Bombs at home too! They are fun to make and explode when hot milk is added (in the tastiest of ways)!

How To Make Unicorn Hot Chocolate Bombs at Home

How To Make Unicorn Hot Chocolate Bombs at Home

These unicorn hot chocolate bombs make ordinary hot chocolate even more special. Here is how to make them!

Surprise Cocoa Bomb with Conversation Hearts

Surprise Cocoa Bomb with Conversation Hearts

Surprise your love with a delicious Cocoa Bomb and a sweet message inside

How to Make White Chocolate Mocha Coffee Bombs 100% Gluten-Free

Use these clear step by step instructions and ingredient recommendations to make these delicious gluten-free treats, plus tips for making it dairy-free, vegan, or sugar-free/keto as well! General Banners

Minnie Mouse Hot Cocoa Bombs

Minnie Mouse Hot Cocoa Bombs

Create your own Disney hot chocolate bombs at home. These Minnie Mouse Hot Cocoa Bombs are the perfect way to warm up. Share some and enjoy some for the perfect warm-up..

Donut White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bomb With Sprinkles

Donut White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bomb With Sprinkles

Hot cocoa bombs have been very popular lately but we thought we’d do something a little different but still delicious and oh so fun a donut-shaped white chocolate cocoa bomb. It’s a fun twist and we love that you can decorate them however you want for any theme you might want.

St. Patrick’s Day Green Hot Cocoa Bombs

St. Patrick’s Day Green Hot Cocoa Bombs

I love these really fun St. Patrick’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs that the kids will love! All you need are some green candy melts, ziplock bag, vanilla coffee creamer and mini marshmallows if you like!

Hot Cocoa Bombs with peanut butter

These Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa Bombs are filled with Reese’s peanut butter flavor and marshmallows for the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

Hot Cocoa Bombs for Valentine’s Day

Kids will love helping assemble the hot cocoa and marshmallows, get the melted candy just right, and the best part, sprinkles on top!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Bombs

Cozy up with these Peppermint Hot Chocolate Balls that you can dunk into your milk for a flavorful, easy to make a hot cocoa drink! They are made with just a few simple ingredients including sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, hot chocolate powder, peppermint extract and peppermint candies.

Heart Hot Chocolate Bombs

These geometric heart hot chocolate bombs are a fun and trendy Valentine’s Day treat for kids, featuring pink hot cocoa with Marshmallows.

Yummy Hot Cocoa Bombs!

We had a great time learning all about hot cocoa bombs! There are so many great variations of hot chocolate! I hope you found just the right recipe for your family!

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