11 Weed Subscription Boxes to Take Your High Higher

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Friends, today we are going to share some of my favorite subscription boxes on a topic I love: Weed and CBD! Yep, we are fighting the taboos surrounding cannabis and giving some love to those of us who partake in the herb of LOVE!

I love talking about the cannabis plant and fun ways to use it in your daily life.  And no, it's not ALL about getting high, but let's be honest. Three are some benefits to letting go of stress and laughing til you cry.  

11 Weed subscription Boxes

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Finding the Best Weed Subscription Boxes

We found some fun Weed Subscription Boxes that are completely legal to ship in the USA.  We also feature boxes for those of you using hemp as your cannabis solution.

In order to make our list, the boxes needed to be legal to ship in the United States, the boxes needed to have a nice variety, and we wanted boxes that didn't feel childish.

Let's come out of the Weed Closet and have a good time together!  If my neighbor can proudly wear her Chardonnay shirt to the grocery store, we can have fun and enjoy our own ways of reducing stress, calming pain, and enjoying our lives.

What are Weed Subscription Boxes?

Subscription boxes, like those found on CrateJoy are boxes of items curated by small business owners filled with themed items.  There are boxes for every interest.  Each package is a unique product experience that's catered to your passions and interests. 

Many boxes are delivered monthly or quarterly and shipped to your house. 

What is Hemp and Why Does it Matter?

Hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant that is legal in the U.S. after the 2018 Farm Bill removed it from the Schedule 1 narcotics list. 

Hemp does not get you high because it does not contain THC, which is responsible for getting you “high.”  Hemp has many of the same favorable properties as marijuana, but it simply can't give you the mind-altering effects. 

We are including CBD and hemp flower in our boxes for those of you who choose a “High-Free” lifestyle. 

Best Weed Flower Subscription Box:

weed subscription box

CBD Flower Club Monthly

CBD flower delivered to your doorstep, every month! Get the relief you deserve with hemp flower! This first box is a monthly box of premium hemp CBD flowers. It ships in discreet packaging, so your nosey neighbors have no clue that inside you have 4 fabulous strains of CBD hemp flower and you find and THC - their flower contains below 0.3% THC which is hardly even detectable.

Best Weed Tea Subscription Box:


The Luvbug Tea Shop- gourmet loose leaf CBD Tea box

A subscription box for people who love tea and just so happens to enjoy CBD. Each box contains a variety of black, white, green and herbal teas, with varying caffeine levels. Each sampler CBD Tea has 3-5 servings. Each 6 & 12 month subscription gets a free silicone infuser.

Best Weed and Coffee Subscription:

Wake and Bake Box

5-10 great smoking and coffee accessories every month! Your subscription box is about to get LIT. A monthly box for all cannabis and coffee lovers. The boxes will have anywhere from 5-10 hand-selected items such as a glass piece, jars, grinders, flavored papers, cones, etc. Will also include a coffee sample and/or a cute coffee mug to satisfy your wake and bake needs!

Best Weed Beauty Box:

Lux Beauty Club CBD

The perfect box for CBD lovers! Organic, vegan, and clean ingredients in every box. Stay stress-free morning to night with our tinctures and topicals. 3 full products shipped every month to help you relax, sleep & give you that extra pep you need everyday. I like this box because it's a nice way to enjoy weed without the smoke!

Best Personalized Weed Subscription Box:

Cure Crate CBD subscription weed box

Cure Crate: Personalized CBD selections monthly

Cure Crate delivers an individually curated selection of 4-5 full-size CBD products each month. CBD is not one-size-fits-all, so we start with a quiz designed to understand your wellness needs and tastes. You will get a box that's full of Quality Tested CBD and educational content to teach you about CBD and it's many wonderful properties.

Best Themed Subscription Box:

SensiBox: Hand curated items for every smoker!

SensiBox: weed subscription box

No need to go to the head shop, only out to your mailbox... making it discreet and easy! The SensiBox Original box features monthly an exclusive, artist designed Art of Smoke Ceramic StonerWare Pipe. I want this box just for the cute frog! Just Rip-It with the Art of Smoke Royal Highness Frog Pipe with his golden crown - it'll make you super hoppy!

Best Weed Smoking Accessory Subscription Box:

Hippie Butler: Weed Smoking Supplies

Enjoy premium smoking supplies and accessories delivered to your door every month when you sign up with the savviest high-class smoker around, The Hippie Butler! Enjoy wraps, papers, lighters, and so much more delivered to you every month, along with next-level customer service and support. Doesn't this sound fancy?

Best CBD Subscription Box:

Hemp Crate Co

Hemp Crate Co

Hemp Crate Co curates 3 themed boxes of premium CBD products monthly: 1) Health & Wellness for sleep & recovery products. 2) Hempa the Explorer has a little bit of everything - tinctures, balms & yummy treats. 3) Furry Friends has a few items for your fur baby and a few for you. The perfect gift for a loved one to get the relief they deserve!

Best Weed Self-Care Subscription:

premium CBD subscription box

The LUV Kit - CBD Subscription Box

A subscription box for people who is all about self-care, relaxation…and just so happens to enjoy CBD & Delta 8 too!!! Our boxes contain self-care and relaxation items such as: CBD bath bombs, CBD flower, CBD body butter, CBD lip balm, CBD tea, CBD cones, Delta 8, flavored papers, jars, grinders etc

Best Variety Of Weed Subscription Box:

CBD monthly subscription box

Zatural CBD Subscription Box - CBD MADE EASY

A monthly subscription box of the BEST CBD products delivered right to your door. Each month you can expect 4-6 items which may include: CBD Tinctures, CBD Topicals, CBD Edibles, CBD Infused Essential Oil, CBD Softgels, CBD Body Care, And more... I like this box because it has a variety of CBD products and you can try out different things each month.

Best Weed Subscription Box For Women:

The Stoney Babe Box

A subscription box for girls who love smoking and admire hemp. These themed boxes have 7-14 girly smoker accessories such as: grinders, papers, crystals, cones, pipes, cute jars, etc. . This is a popular weed box for women who enjoy feminine weed products. Each box is filled with 5-10 cannabis-themed items that are shipped monthly.

Did you find a box you love?

I had a lot of fun curating this collection of subscription weed boxes.  There were so many to choose from! I really loved the tea box and the Wake and Bake box.  They might be in my cart right now!

We know that for far too long, cannabis use has been associated with negative stereotypes, and we hope that through fun conversations and introductions, we can overcome that. 

I was at the Cannabis Science Conference here in Baltimore and heard Montel Williams speak about cannabis, and he said something that forever changed my views about cannabis use.  

He said there is no shame in getting drunk, no taboo in women day drinking, or sports fans drinking at games.  Alcohol is a drug that destroys the body and families. However, there is a stigma of shame and disrespect for those who use cannabis to improve their lives, heal their bodies, and ease their pain.  And that's criminal. 

Let's change that conversation!

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