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How To Boost Your Sex Drive Over 40

I'm impressed! I love how so many of you have asked how you can boost your sex drive over 40. And I have answers!

Let’s face it, ladies, there comes a time when there are many things that come before sex as our list of “To-Dos”. Sometimes we are just plain exhausted at the end of the day to think about anything other than crawling into bed and getting as much sleep as we possibly can.

I’m right there with ya! I want to help women, like myself, live a full life with their partner and enjoy every minute. 

After 40, it seems like my sex drive when from “Let’s Go!” to “Let’s Go Get Tacos!”

After 5 kids, over 25 years together, and a lifetime of extraordinary times with my hubby.  I’m more inclined to hope for a romantic movie than a freaky night in the bedroom. Boy have things changed!

Men, if you're here to learn more I am so F-ING proud of you! You are amazing and I hope I can help you learn how you can help that special person in your life to shine bright in the radiance of your knowledge! 

How to boost your sex drive over 40

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What's so great about sex anyway?

My friend, if you are thinking that, you are probably not having the best sex with yourself or with your partner.  And before we get too far, this post is not for the shy because if we are ready to get naked, we have to be prepared to talk about what's going on with our bodies, our libido, and our self-pleasure.

Sexual pleasure for women can be more challenging for some than others, and learning how to open up and talk about those feelings can be intimidating.  

But let's be honest with each other for a moment. For those of us who struggle with reaching the big OHH, it has more to do with what's in our heads than what's happening under the sheets. Over time, we get into a routine of “Unsatisfaction,” and it becomes easier not to talk about the issue and just avoid it altogether. 

Today, as friends, let's talk about what you can try to boost your sex drive.  But more importantly, I want you to know that your feelings matter and YOU matter. 

Why Is Sex Drive Important To A Relationship?

  • Intimacy in a relationship helps you weather the tough times.  Friends, we have all seen some TOUGH times recently, and I know that if I didn't have someone I could trust, talk to, and share my fears with, it would have been challenging to get through.  Intimacy isn't just about sex, it's about being able to open up about how you are feeling, sharing your ugly doubtful thoughts about your body or aging, and it's about being in the moment with that special person who shows up and is there even when you ugly cry. 
  • Did you know that sex can reduce your stress levels? Yes, this includes those solo moments too.  Ladies, a good vibrator is sometimes better than chocolate and fewer calories.  ( I said sometimes. LOL ) 
How to improve your love life over 40
I love when we dress up and go dancing!

How to increase your libido and sex drive over 40

What is libido anyway?

Your libido is like baking a cake; there are lots of factors to think about.  The way you feel about your body, your relationship, stress, and even your children can throw everything off.

After 40, a woman’s body isn’t in baby-making mode and the drive to reproduce isn’t’ your brain’s top priority. Most women enter into Perimenopause's phase – the 5-10 year period of time when women stop producing estrogen and hormones fluctuate.

Levels of sex hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone all naturally start to dip after your turn 40. This makes giving in to desire, arousal, and orgasm more difficult

Be Honest And Open with your Partner

You might be surprised that your partner may have been feeling the same way about the hit to your sex drive. Maybe they have been wondering what's going on, wondering if it's them, or even insecurities about their performance or body.  Many people, men, and women have low sex drives over 40.  But you don't have to live with this alone. 

If you aren't talking about what's going on, your partner might feel rejected or wonder if your relationship is in jeopardy.  

And yes, there is much more to intimacy and romance than sex. The special thing that your partner does, like kissing your forehead before leaving, making date night plans, even playing your favorite song, all of this boosts your oxytocin, that's your love and contentment hormone that helps you to enjoy life more. 

How to boost your sex drive

Reduce your stress levels for better sex.

This might seem like you are jumping into a weird loop.  But reducing some of the stressful things in your life, talking to a therapist, or even using CBD to help your body cope with stress better can help you increase your sex drive. 

Did you say CBD can help reduce stress?  

Ahh.. yeah! CBD can reduce stress and anxiety because it produces a mild feeling of comfort and relaxes your body.  It also is derived from the cannabis plant and can lift your mood.  

Because sex is affected by your emotional and psychological health, CBD can help settle your mind, boost your serotonin, and help you feel more comfortable before becoming intimate with your partner. 

I use CBD every day to help me feel better mentally and physically. 

CBD can help your sex drive in so many ways!

Let's talk about CBD and your sexual health for a moment. 

CBD works with your body's endocannabinoid system.  This system regulates functions like anxiety, pain, immune responses, inflammation, even blood flow, and for the men… their erections.  WOW!

When your endocannabinoid system is working well, it can help balance your hormones too.  And when those hormones are out of wack, feeling sexy or in the mood can feel almost impossible!

Grab some Ginkgo!

There are some great herbal remedies for low sex drive. One of the more common herbal supplements is Ginkgo. This herbal aphrodisiac has been said to affect excitement positively and might make reaching that orgasm a little easier!  

Women over 40 sex drive tips

Try something new!

Sex isn't as easy as it was when we were younger.  That's one of the facts about getting older than nobody wanted to tell you. But you are never too old to try something new and maybe surprise yourself and your partner with how much fun you have. There are many sex toys for couples that are meant to inspire and even help out your sex life together. 

Get out of your routine, and spend one evening searching for a new sex toy to try out together. Shop online and wait eagerly for your “package” to come to entertain you both. 

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Aphrodisiac foods that boost your sex drive are real!

There are so many great foods that boost your libido and improve your health! Did you know that avocadoes can actually help you “get in the mood” and help men keep their erections longer? 

And chocolate has been said to increase your libido and help you to relax and enjoy yourself more!

Red wine and saffron can both improve sexual desire and lubrication.  But don't overdo the wine, or you might be too relaxed and fall asleep before you get to the good parts!

Meditation and Working Out can lead to a better sex life.

Mediation and exercise can both help you to improve sexual function and feel better about your body!  According to the Journal of Sex Research, mindfulness-based therapy can help your body increase sex hormones and get ready for intimacy!

Getting a good workout daily, like yoga, can help you loosen tight muscles and help you to be more aroused! But for those of you who struggle with muscle pain after working out, a CBD sports cream with menthol works amazing! 

Sex over 40 can be the best sex of your life.

For many couples, once the children have grown up, careers have been made, and their finances are more secure, they discover a life together that not only has more to offer but the best sex of their lives.  

Your sex drive is worth fighting for, and we hope we have helped you discover a few ways to boost your libido and look forward to your intimate moments with your partner and even yourself!

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