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14 Day Love and Kindness Countdown Calendar

14 Day Love and Kindness Countdown Calendar

While January is all about reflecting and making goals for the new year, February is the month of love.

Whether you are excited about the DIY Valentine’s Day gift you have planned or you’d rather skip the holiday altogether, we encourage you to make this a month of showing love.

Showing love means something different to each person. You may show your love by gifting the perfect present while others show love by spending quality time with someone. Take the time this month to learn your love language and use it to care for loved ones, your community, and yourself.

To help inspire you, Redbubble created a love and kindness calendar. Each day leading up to Valentine’s Day, try one of their suggested acts of kindness. You can choose to follow the calendar in order or skip around, checking off each heart as you complete an act of kindness. Don’t like one of the suggestions? Replace it with your own act of kindness idea.

Photo of love and kindness ideas calendar on pink table

Here’s a preview of each day’s challenge:

Day 1 – Send a letter of encouragement

Day 2 – Bake a treat for your neighbor

Day 3 – Leave a positive review at a local spot

Day 4 – Give someone a compliment

Day 5 – Creat a pick-me-up kit 

Day 6 – Bring flowers to an essential worker

Day 7 – Send someone a candid photo

button to download love and kindness calendar

When completing these, use your creativity to make them unique to your love language. You can also download these printables to help you personalize each act:

When giving away books, include a printable bookmark with a note.

photo of fun bookmarks next to a stack of books




Get in the habit of spreading LOVE

While this challenge is only 14 days, it will get you in the habit of spreading love. Want to extend the challenge? Try to finish out the whole month with your own random acts of kindness. You’ll feel better and you’ll make your community happier as well. 

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