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How To Clean The Hair And Odors Off Your Dog's Bed

Today's Chore: Cleaning the dog beds!

If you have dogs then you know the life of living with dog hair and cleaning up after them. Our dogs, Riley and Wynter are going through their winter shed, and that means a TON of fur flying around.  

Every day we are vacuuming, dusting, and trying to keep the dog hair off our clothes and our bed.  But we have a few simple tricks to keep the house tidy during these high shedding days.

Did you know that domestic animals can carry disease-causing organisms like parasites and fungal species? 

This is why it's important to keep your dog's beds, bowls, and crates clean. 

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The Hair Problem- How to remove pet hair from your furniture

Unless your pet is hairless, most pet owners know that living with pet hair is part of life. Even low shedding dogs leave some fur behind when they are casting off their summer or winter coats.

In our home, we are strict about no pets on the furniture. They don't seem to mind because they have their own comfy beds in each of the rooms we spend time in.

However, we still seem to manage to find hair on the furniture.

One simple trick to remove pet hair from your furniture is to lightly mist your furniture with water, then take a paper towel and go over the surface lightly.  It rolls the hair and it clings to the paper towel. You can also use a Pet Hair Lifter Sponge. These sponges remove the fur and hair from furniture and car upholstery with a simple swipe. And it's reusable!

Regular grooming helps to keep the pet hair down.

Daily brushing is a must during the shedding time in our house. We love the Furminator tools  to get the undercoat and loose fur out. We also use an all-natural pet soap. Riley has very sensitive skin, so we never use anything that will give him hot spots or itch more.


How to wash your pet's bedding

Weekly we use our vacuum to clean the hair and dirt off the surface of the dog beds.  We have 6 beds! My husband likes using our Cordless Vacuum from Dyson, not only on the pet beds but also on my couch blankets and pillows. 

Once a month we take the covers off the dog beds and put them in the washing machine. Before tossing their beds into the washing machine, check the directions on the bedding label to make sure you know how to launder properly. 

Apply some baking soda to the padding of the bed and leave the baking soda on for a few hours while you are washing the bed. Then simply vacuum it off.

First, we let them soak for 30 minutes and then we wash them with a Sensitive Skin detergent and an Oxi Booster to make sure the smells are gone from the beds. To get them clean, make sure you use hot water to break down the grease and kill the germs.

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, you might want to consider washing their beds once a week to remove all of the dirt that they can bring in from outside.

Dry on the gentle cycle and shake the cover out before putting it back on your dog's bed.

Our weekly chores are just part of living with pets, but they are so worth every moment of it.  Living with dogs is a world of enjoyment, companionship, and pure love. Throughout my life, I've had many dogs walk along with me, and I know my days were always better with them there.

I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know what other tips and tricks you'd like to see for keeping your home clean.  Leave us a comment and share your thoughts! 

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