Firefly Moments: Shorter & Sweeter

Have you ever scrolled through a blog post that sounded interesting, only to discover that there were SO MANY WORDS, and you don't have enough time for that? Yeah… me too. 

In fact, I'm going to let you in on my secret… I hate food blogs that you have to scroll for ten minutes before you get to the recipe, only to find that it wasn't the recipe you wanted at all.  But now you know about the origins of baklava, the reader is going to her adorable grandparent's house in the woods, and a photo of a baby smothered in something orange.  

That's why we promise, we are going to try to keep our recipes and posts a lot shorter in 2021!

In the blogging world, the length of time you can keep a reader on your blog helps boost Google analytics. So this means bloggers are forced to fill the page with content. 

That's so annoying!!

I listened to a great podcast this morning from Jasmine Star about reaching your Instagram readers. I listen to podcasts while I work out in the morning and even have them going while I’m getting ready for my day. And this podcast really gave me a Firefly Moment that made me stop and rethink my engagement with all of you.

It doesn’t matter how many people are reading or following you on social media. It matters that you are making a connection with the right ones.

Firefly Moments

Holy CRAP!

Yep… that’s what I actually said before going back and listening to it again.  And that’s when I realized that in 2020, I’d been chasing fireflies that didn’t want to be caught.  I was chasing numbers on Instagram, Facebook, and comments here on the blog, and those numbers DO NOT MATTER.

What’s a Firefly moment?

That’s a good question because that’s the foundation of what Dancing With Fireflies is all about, and I’ve not done a great job at making that connection for my readers lately, and I’m sorry for that.

Dancing with fireflies is a longer story about a childhood moment that taught me that sometimes you feel like you are wandering all alone in the dark, you don’t have a direction, and you can feel lost. But when you open your mind, accept the answers that come to you, then you start to see the flickers of light all around you that are not distant stars. These are other souls that want to connect with you and share your life’s experiences with you.

Why do I write a blog?

I write a blog not to make money, because to be honest… blogging doesn’t make a lot of money.  I write this blog to connect with other people who also feel from time to time that they need some inspiration, guidance, or to try something new.  And I’m hoping that through reaching out and saying “ here… check out this spark of light” we can connect and share that light with others.

2020 was a year that really shook me up, challenged my beliefs and what I took for granted. And I think that it also taught me that I need to make more sparks and connect better with all of you who take the time to read my posts.

So, I promise you in 21, we are going to write shorter posts and do our best to connect with you.  And maybe that connection is on social media, where you can see a couple paragraphs and take with you something that gives you a Firefly Moment. 

We want to hear and connect with you! Let's make that connection in the comments here or on Instagram.  You can also DM on Instagram and I promise, I will respond.

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