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Farmhouse Decorating Ideas to Cozy Up with This Winter

You don’t have to live on a farm to enjoy farmhouse style year-round. As the holidays approach, you can give your home, condo, or apartment a rustic dose of coziness with very little effort. We hope you are inspired by these ideas.

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Budget Friendly Farmhouse Decorating

It’s extremely easy to get carried away when you get excited about decorating. However, the holidays are coming, and your budget may not be able to withstand a huge hit. Be conscientious of price, and make sure to invest in items that can be dressed up or down depending on the season. You can also find cashback offers and promo codes from online retailers, to help stretch your decorating budget. Also, don’t count out hosting a decor swap with friends and family.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas to Cozy Up with This Winter

Winter Wonderland Decorations

A winter wonderland is bright, white, and sparkly. If you have a staircase, wrap it in flocked garland and add holly berry accents. You can also scour the ground around your house or at the local park for pinecones, which you can cover in glitter and turn into sensational centerpieces or eye-catching ornaments for the tree.

Set your dining room table with silver and blue chargers, and head down to your local hobby shop for shiny blue stones to put in your glass candle holders. White candles, which can also be dipped in glitter to add a little sparkle to your dinner party, can be lit at night to add ambiance if you have yet to put the tree up for the year.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas to Cozy Up with This Winter

Santa’s Station

A quick trip to Santa’s barn will reveal warm hues and lots of adorable reindeer. Make your home a magical place by envisioning yourself prepping Dasher and Dancer for their yearly toy delivery. Start by making a few wooden reindeer, which is a simple project you can do in just a few hours. If you have access to barn wood, get creative, and make some art for the walls. You can also use seasoned firewood to add a touch of outdoors to the inside. Don’t forget the front door, and a simple wreath adorned with a burlap bow in plain pine cones will create a welcoming entrance for holiday visitors.

Elf’s Farmhouse Kitchen

On the farm, everyone loves to eat, the elves included. The kitchen makes the perfect backdrop for Santa’s elves to bake up a batch of joy. Color is the keyword here, and green and red belong everywhere. Colorful mixing bowls, kitchen cabinets wrapped in red ribbon, and red and green cooking utensils are all simple ways to liven up the kitchen.

If you’re crafty, you can make your own Christmas-themed garland using metal cookie cutters or even gingerbread cookies. Elevate the mood by burning vanilla-scented candles and leaving mason jars of hard candy out for your guests to take when they want a sweet treat for the road.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas to Cozy Up with This Winter

From a winter wonderland to Santa’s reindeer to a gourmet kitchen fit for an elf, the above ideas can help you get into the holiday spirit. A final suggestion: invest in standard-sized couch pillows, which can be recovered for spring, fall, winter, or summer. Whatever you do, fill your home with joy. 2020 has been hard enough, and everything you can do to inject positivity will help you welcome 2021 with open arms.

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