It's gift-giving time again and we rounded up some of our favorite products we have tried this year. We've done a lot of great product reviews.  And today we are going to give you a taste of our favorites, from hot cocktail pods to relaxing nights by the fire.

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Cask & Kettle Hot Cocktail Pods

If you love coffee, cocktails, and saving time, then you will also love Cask & Kettle's hot cocktail pods that are made right in your Keurig.  We also discovered they are perfect for recipes like our Tipsy Apple Compote recipe! 

We even froze the Spiked Cider into ice cubes and made Spiked Apple Cider Slushies!  

Custom Cheese Board

10 Favorite Products of 2020

I love anything customized, it's a fun thing that I think adds a little extra something to things I love. This fall, 904 Custom made us this awesome cheese cutting board and it's one of my favorite things! I use it all the time, even when it's just me!  It works great, and I can't wait to show it off to my friends and family when we have a get together again!

CBD Gummies

10 Favorite Products of 2020

This one is one of my favorite things for my daily health.  I love taking CBD every morning to start my day, but I didn't always love the options for taking it. Then Joy Organics came out with Strawberry Lemonade CBD Gummies and I got hooked! They aren't too sweet and they have the perfect amount of CBD to start your morning off in a calm state of mind without the sleepy drag.  I highly recommend them!

Raindrop – Nebulizing Diffuser

This plastic-free essential oil diffuser makes a return to our favorites list.  They now make custom engraved diffusers that are not only great gifts but practical as well!  We have a few Organic Aromas diffusers in our house, and this one with our name always makes me smile.  My daughter created that design, and I love how I can see her unique style in the engraving.  She wanted to bring in elements of my garden, cooking, and love of fireflies in her drawing and it is just perfect when I turn on the infuser and fill my home with amazing scents and healing essential oils. 

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WagWell Subscription Box

If you are a dog lover, like we are, then you know the joy and sometimes the frustration of buying new toys for your favorite pooch.  We discovered WagWell dog toy and treat subscription boxes keep our dog, Riley busy for hours.  In fact, wherever Riley is, so is his WagWell boxfish or turtle! 

Royal & Pure Bath Bombs

What's better than soaking in a relaxing bath with luxurious essential oils? 35 mg of CBD oil in beautiful bath bombs that melt away your aches and worries!  We love these CBD bath bombs from Royal & Pure because they use all-natural ingredients and they don't leave a mess in the tub!

Caasi CBD Beverage Drops

We discovered how easy it is to make delicious CBD infused drinks without the heaviness of oil tinctures, Caasi makes CBD beverage drops that are as light as water.  We tried their THC-free CBD drops to make our Lemony Peach Bellini mocktails this summer and everyone loved them! 

Pet Plate

Our dog Riley has a very sensitive stomach and so many allergies! When Pet Plate asked us to try him on their limited ingredient custom blend dog food, we were a little nervous about how he would do.  But we are in love with Pet Plate, not only for dogs with sensitive diets but also for picky dogs like Wynter.  She loves her Pet Plate beef meal warmed up and Riley likes them… in his bowl. He just likes them a lot! 


Solo Stove

10 Favorite Products of 2020

When we remodeled our backyard this summer, added a pool and a large patio, we knew we wanted a wood firepit. We got a Solo Stove in the large Yukon size and let me tell you, I've never been so happy about building a fire! We use it all the time and since we have had to learn how to entertain outdoors due to Covid, we use our Solo Stove more than we ever dreamed. It's one of my favorite purchases of 2020!

Embossed Rolling Pins

I've always wondered how those delicate embossed cookies were made, until I got a special treat from our friends at Embossed!  Now I'm making beautiful cookies, pie crusts, and treats that are unforgettable!  We made Artisan Stamped Vanilla Almond Cookies that were almost too pretty to eat! In fact, they were so pretty that I didn't want to add the icing to them. 

These are just a few of our favorite products we loved in 2020. We tried to include reviews and recipes, and our own photos. We hope you enjoyed the collection and tag us on Instagram with your favorite product of 2020!

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