Home Coffee stations are popping up everywhere.  And we know why!  We love our home coffee station not just for feeling luxurious at home, but it also helps to keep everything all together and tidy! 

Making your own coffee station is easy, and we have a few inspirations to show you how you can create your own luxury coffee station.

26 Inspirational Home Coffee Station Ideas

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We love our coffee station. My husband likes to grind his own coffee in the morning and I can't resist a good latte.  We have both a Keurig coffee maker and a home espresso machine.  In the cabinets below, we keep the teas, coffees, flavored syrups, and to-go coffee mugs.  In the cabinets above we keep the ceramic mugs.   

We built this nook just for the coffee station, so there are plenty of outlets and built-in under cabinet lighting. 

The home coffee station is a new trend for homes and people are looking for inspiration.  We collected our favorites, from farmhouse style to sophisticated coffee bars. You can go as big as your budget or small as your space. We loved curating this collection of coffee stations and hope you'll enjoy it too.

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations

House Of Wood

I am a big fan of The House of Wood blog and this is one of the great ideas they had. How cute it that?? You can make your own coffee station and paint it whatever color you want. I really like this idea.

I love this built-in coffee bar.  You can close the doors and it all fades into the background.  Love it!  This is great for those of you who might be remodeling an older kitchen and have someone handy who can slide in the shelving.  I love the organization!

In addition to your favorite coffees, we also suggest that you keep your favorite teas with your coffee station. 

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations


This is so cute. I love the farmhouse feel of this piece. It's so customizable and simple. Great look!

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This sleek modern style is elegant.  I love it. With everything built-in, including a cutting board, all of your drinks can be made in one place.  I think adding the wine refrigerator there was a great idea. 

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations

Instagram: Thebluebrickfarmhouse

This little coffee nook can fit just about anywhere. Tucked in, it actually looks like it can hold a lot of stuff! I wonder how many mugs they have?! 

This might be one of my favorites.  I love the robin's egg blue cabinets and that built-in arch.  It's lovely. Also, if you can build in water, as they have here, you won't regret it.  I also love how that espresso machine looks like it was made for that spot!

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations


This reminds me of a beauty shop that I used to go to many years ago.  They always had something yummy to snack on and tea and coffee for the guests. I love that feel. 

The tile work on this wall is great. I love the black, white, and gold colors complemented in the cabinets and art prints above. 

I have that Breville espresso machine, and it's a great machine to have. 

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25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations


This is a cute easy setup that would look great in any kitchen. Simple is sometimes better. I love having everything in the tray. 

I really like how this coffee station divides the living room or dining room with another area. It's a great use of space. The low shelf is great for reaching your favorite coffees and making this feel more like a built-in coffee station. 

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations

Instagram: @natvan_0509

This is fun. I love the brick wall and the fun retro style. The colors just pop and it's simple yet, very unique. Great coffee station!

This is similar to how we have our coffee station set up. Pull out cabinet shelves are so functional and you can really see everything you have. Unlike traditional cabinets where you kind of have to get on your hands and knees to see what's been tucked in the back.

A great coffee station starts with quality coffee supplies. From french presses to coffees and teas, we love Grosche for our coffee and tea supplies. Sign up for the Grosche Newsletter and Receive a Coupon for 25% off!

I thought this was great for any budget.  It's a great handmade coffee station that you could make from any shelf you have! 

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Oh that cabinet is fantastic. The white wax on the dark wood is sublime. Great use of an older piece of furniture.  The new black upper cabinet really brings it all together. 

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations

The Tale Of An Ugly House

This coffee station is far from “Ugly” even though it comes from an “Ugly House.”  I think the reclaimed wood for a farmhouse is exceptional. 

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I really like this drawer organization for your coffee station. I might even have to do something similar for my drawer! Good idea Unlikely Martha!

25 Home Coffee Station Ideas


Lemons! This is an adorable coffee station! I really think the lemons are my favorite part. I also really love how this coffee station has matching mugs. Love this country feel. 

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations

Sweet and simple, the floating shelves drew me in. You can go as fancy as you like here. 

Using your favorite collection in new ways always makes me smile.  The use of tea and coffee tins in this coffee station is perfect to draw you in and capture your interest. 

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Short on space? Tucking a tiny coffee corner can still be done when you find a way to bring it together and keep it tidy.

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations

The Inspired Room

This is impressive! I would love to play with that espresso machine! However, I am pretty sure I'd have a hard time getting my friends to leave when they discovered this free latte option.

25 Inspirational Home Coffee Stations

Taste Of Home

This is one of my favorite home styling blogs and source for many recipes through the years. I thought the pour-over coffee here was one of the more creative coffee stations because pour-overs are amazing and often ignored. So yay for this one!

The trick to making your own coffee station is just using your own creativity, pulling everything together in one space and enjoying your home, your way.

Are you thinking of building your own coffee station? We want to see how it comes out! Tag us on Instagram or leave your link in the comments!

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