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17 Beautiful Thanksgiving Tables

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times to dress up my table and pull out my creative side. I love a beautiful tablescape that seems to make the food taste even better. These 17 Thanksgiving Tables each have a different character and style so you can mix and match for your perfect style.  And of course, you know our modern farmhouse style will always be tossed in as well!

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Thanksgiving Table
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We love when we can use little things from around our house that come together on the Thanksgiving table in new ways. You don't need to purchase fancy table settings, you can easily repurpose items and enjoy them again. 

You don't want to overwhelm your guests with too much on the table.  You want plenty of room for the food, like our glazed Tofurkey dish and the cranberry sauce!


We have a lot of kids, and now all of them have someone special in their life that joins them for the holidays.  So our Thanksgiving and other holiday dinners are big events.  I love being able to use everything I can right out of the garden. Our tables are simple, but the love there is extraordinary.

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Discover a color scheme and carry it through the table. I love jewel tones for Thanksgiving. Deep rich colors on the table also bring out the colors in the food. 

I really love the colors in this blue and earth-toned table. Sarabeth from The February Fox really knows how to bring in the colors of fall!  

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Don't be bound by what others thing your Thanksgiving should look like! I love this untraditional Thanksgiving tablescape.  Why not? I love the use of color and the food looks great! 

Outdoors Thanksgiving Table
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In 2020, we learned that almost anything can be done outside and socially distancing get-togethers save lives.  Why not Thanksgiving Dinner?  Group your guests by family members.  Set out small tables and space them apart.  And enjoy the time you have with friends and family!

simple Table
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I love growing flowers for my table.  In this fall tablescape, a simple table dressed with fresh flowers can make for a lovely centerpiece! Here on our modern farm, we grow tons of flowers for cutting.  Our favorite are zinnias because they make such beautiful table arrangements. 

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When my kids were little they loved having “special holiday chores” that would take them outside to hunt for a list of items I'd give them for a scavenger hunt.  Then we would use their discoveries in different tablescapes.  That's what this reminds me of, and I love it!

country table
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I love the country feel of this table. Those copper mugs and cutlery are perfect for this table. Very sweet! When picking out the fresh flowers, try to include a common color theme throughout the table and weave it all together.  Learn how to set a table here.

Table By

Your setting doesn't need to be perfect, sometimes the most beautiful tables are in un-perfect natural places! I love all of the different chairs in this tablescape. Don't forget to think about the lighting for your party, as the night goes on you don't want to be sitting in the dark.

Table By

Break out of the cut flower rut and go with something different! Love this cactus and succulent display. It even leaves rooms for friends and family to take home a souvenir of the night as a reminder.  

Southwestern table
Table by

Don't get stuck on thinking your Thanksgiving Tablescape needs to be turkeys or pumpkins.  Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the country in different styles. Mix it up! I am totally going to use that guac in a cup idea soon!

Table By

Don't be afraid to show your guests your unique style. That's who they came to your house to see! Use your creativity to create a tablescape that shows off who you feel you are inside.  

Table by

This year's tables will be a little different than the years before, for those of us who love to scour the shops for the perfect decorations for our dinner parties. Our events will be smaller, our travels shorter.  And many of us will be looking through our boxes of previous decorations to make them feel new again. 

That's why I love this collection of pumpkins and strange old plates. 

copper thanksgiving table
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I love the blend of teal and copper in this tablescape. It almost has a Caribbean feel to me and I like it!  Just don't go overboard with the fake leaves, a little goes a long way.  

Table by

I've done this and it's always so much fun. When our 5 kids were younger this was one of the most fun things we did for them for sitting at the table during long Thanksgiving dinners. It's easy and it allows everyone to enjoy being creative while they wait for their food. 

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I love white pumpkins because they can be so versatile! They bring color without actually overwhelming the table. And they are a great way to go from Halloween to Thanksgiving in a flash!

Little Pies
Table By

I love this table setting because it makes the guests feel wanted and the little pies are so cute! Although my family would be digging into those pies as soon as they sat down.  Why not?

From our family to yours, we hope your Thanksgiving is full of wonderful surprises and blessings to last you a lifetime.

~ The Icore Family 

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