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6 Ways Journaling Can Improve Your Life

There are so many great advantages to keeping a journal. From helping you to stay organized to boosting your confidence, journaling can have a very positive impact on your life. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationship with yourself, become more productive at work or school, or develop better communication skills, a journal is a great way to take an active step toward achieving your goals. Keep reading to discover the benefits of journaling and find examples of journals you can start today.

Why you should keep a journal

Benefits of Journaling 

Journaling can be a fun and engaging activity that also helps you to feel more prepared to take on life’s challenges. Check out some of the main benefits below. 

1. Improves Mental Health

Journaling can help you cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. A journal is a place where you can write down and take control of your thoughts. You can develop a better understanding of any issues you’re having and develop a plan for dealing with these problems head-on. Keeping a journal is a form of self-care and can be an empowering experience.

2. Improves Physical Health

In addition to having mental health benefits, journaling can also have a positive impact on your physical health. Interestingly, expressive writing led individuals to self-report benefits such as reduced blood pressure, improved liver function, improved immune system functioning, and improved athletic performance.

3. Develops Creativity

A great way to spark creativity is by journaling. Jotting down interesting thoughts or ideas you have throughout the day, can help you form a list of ideas you may want to later execute on. You can also use prompts to bolster your imagination, such as “If I could be anywhere in the world in 5 minutes, where would I go?” Use your journal as a place to “brain dump” and put your most interesting thoughts into writing. 

4. Boosts Self-Confidence

Journals that help you self-reflect or stay organized can help you become more confident. When you have a space devoted to addressing your personal needs and keeping track of what you need to do, you will feel more in control of your thoughts and schedule.

5. Refines Communication Skills

If you frequently journal, you can expect that doing so will not only help you to write well, but also improve your communication skills. The more you write the more your vocabulary will grow, and you will be able to articulate your thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently. Strong communication skills are important for having successful relationships and are one of the most sought after skills from employers.

stay positive

6. Helps With Goal Achievement

Writing down a goal can make achieving that goal not only easier, but more likely. When you take the time to record and track a goal on paper, it can make it feel much more tangible, and therefore, help you stay motivated. Furthermore, this process can help you ensure that your goals are realistic and truly worth putting time and energy into.

Types of Journals You Can Start Keeping

When choosing a journal, you should aim to find the type of journal that works best for you and will help you meet your unique needs and goals. In the visuals from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences you’ll find different types of journals that you can try as well as journal prompts to help you get started. See what resonates with you!

We want to thank The University Of St. Augustine for Health Sciences for sharing their great images with us and their information about journaling. Here at Dancing With Fireflies, we know the importance of journaling as a way of keeping track of your thoughts, being mindful about life, and they are a great place for keeping track of all of those creative ideas. 

How to keep a journal

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