How To Have A Spooktacular Social Distanced Halloween

This year, many of us are thinking about how we can celebrate Halloween a little differently than ever before. Staying home?  We have a few Halloween themed activities to keep up the fun and stay safer at home.

socially distant Halloween ideas

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Our children are all grown up, and some have families of their own. But my husband and I LOVE Halloween, so each year, we still pull out the decorations and spend the entire month of October enjoying our favorite holiday. This year we know we won't get many, if any, Trick-or-Treaters visiting our haunted house.  So we are treating ourselves to some stay at home Halloween themed fun with a few friends and family who are in our “COVID Safe Circle.” 

These are people we know who are actively quarantining, staying home, and taking extra precautions to avoid Covid-19, and are happy to keep a safe distance and respect our house COVID rules.

Recently the CDC made their official recommendation around celebrating the holidays this year. To slow the spread of Covid-19 and save lives, the CDC is discouraging traditional trick-or-treating for 2020. But we have some ideas about how to save Halloween and stay safe.

Please note that people should follow mandates in their communities and be aware of their local guidelines.

Socially Distanced Halloween Soiree

The weather may be a little chilly, but entertaining outdoors is the safest option during the pandemic to enjoy spending time with friends and family. We know it might be hard to pick your favorite ghoul fiends and wolfmen, but small groups are easier to keep contained and socially distant.

Masks have always been part of Halloween, why not find fun ways to incorporate your mask into your costume and hold a spooky patio party? You can always double up your Halloween mask and COVID mask. Just make sure you can easily breathe and won't get too hot.  And no, your Swamp Monster mask alone isn't enough.  You need to make sure you are containing your droplets and not sharing your germs.

Space your tables apart, light up the night with candles and sparkling fairy lights, and place hand sanitizers at each table for easy access. 

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Outdoor Movie Night

We love going outside, wrapping up in a cozy throw blanket, and watching movies on our outdoor movie screen. We set up our mini projector and screen, and it feels like going to the drive-in movies. Why not check out some of those old Halloween classic movies under the stars?

Family Dance Party

Have you heard about Zoom Dance Parties?  Set up a movie screen and projector, and link up with other friends and families and host a dance party with your favorite Halloween music! 

Get funky and have a costume dance-off!

Host An Adult Halloween Candlelight Dinner

I love small intimate dinner parties. But this year, we have to think about how we can enhance our outdoor dining experiences.  Why not turn the lights off and embrace the dark?

Dried floral arrangements, black table cloths, and of coarse dozens of candles lead the way to a spooky evening of fun. 

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Get Creative with Classes!

Set up individual stations and host a crafty class.  You can either teach your friends something you know how to do, schedule a video crafting class, or bring in an expert to teach a new skill!

This is a fun new way to learn and to socialize.  

Remember Scavenger Hunts?

When I was a kid, my youth group used to do fall scavenger hunts all through the town.  I LOVED the adventures.  Why not plan a Halloween themed scavenger hunt and take your friends on an adventure around your city and end up with treats at your home?

Each “team” would require a driver, a map, and a cell phone to collect photos and clues from each location.  Ideally, each group would be a family, roomies that already live together, or people in your COVID safe group.

Host a virtual Halloween party

We love seeing how people are hosting virtual parties and finding ways to stay connected through the pandemic. People are even hosting virtual game nights and loving that now they can include friends who live far away. Hosting a virtual Halloween party just requires some imagination and everyone wanting to be a part of it. 

Get funky and find a scary virtual background, email your guests some recipe suggestions for the evening, and decorate your “party space” with Halloween decorations.

Feeling fancy? Send your party guests a “treat” box filled with decorations, candy, and fun little treats. 

Guests can dress up in their costumes and have fun!


Beagle Bonez 20
Beagle Bonez 20″ Skeleton Dog – $34.99

A Halloween party just wouldn't be complete without some kind of skeleton decoration. So, get this Beagle Bonez 20″ Skeleton Dog and have a scary skeleton dog at your party.

Instead of trick or treating, plan some fun crafts and games at home.

We know that Trick-or-Treating is a fun holiday tradition.  But times have changed, why not make new traditions and use this night to play Halloween themed games, carve or paint your pumpkins, decorate cookies, or make caramel apples?

We suggest a fun game of Flashlight Tag!

Check out this Spooky Sensory Bin from  My kids would have loved this!

Photo by

Drive around and see the Halloween decorations and drive-by your friends' houses.

Usually, on the first day of October, I decorate the outside of my house with our Halloween decorations.  This year I was a little bummed about all that has been happening, so I invited a family that we love with small children to come over last week and help me decorate early.  Why not??

Last night I looked out to see cars starting to slowly drive by to see our decorations.  It always makes me smile when they stop to watch the moving decorations and laugh at the things they discover.  

This year, I hope that our friends and family will drive by Halloween night to see the things we have planned for the big night. 

Dress up, put on a spooky playlist, and even dress up the car and do a Halloween drive-by party to see the decorations in your town!

Hidden “Treats” in the backyard

Who says hiding treats is only for Easter? Surprise your family with a fun way to hunt for treats without bringing home anything unwanted! 

Hide prepackaged treats around the house and yard, then give your little monsters their candy buckets and tell them to hunt for their goodies high and low.

Turn your house into a Haunted House

Most of the time, people don't spend a lot of time decorating the inside of their house. Why not turn your home into a Haunted House for the night with themed rooms, slippery scary things that go bump in the night, strange textures in bowls, and eerie sounds that are sure to send shivers down your spine?  

If your family likes to outdo each other as mine does, each family member can take a different part of the house and decorate it for a contest.

Visit somewhere haunted

I live in Maryland, home of Edgar Allan Poe's grave and the Black Aggie.  Not to mention we are just a short drive from Gettysburg, which is said to be so haunted that they can't get anyone to walk the battlefields after dark.  Instead of staying home, pack up the car, and drive out to see some of the haunted locations in your area!

Tell Ghost stories around a campfire

This year we rediscovered how much we love a wood campfire.  It's cozy and spooky at the same time and sets the perfect mood for ghost stories and urban legends. The Solo Stove burns wood without the choke of smoke.  So everyone can gather close and hear the tail of Deadman's Curve.


Have a “Haunted Picnic” 

Grab your flashlights, picnic blanket, and a basket full of Halloween foods and have a haunted after dark picnic.

Want to give them a scare? Hide outdoor wireless speakers with a Scary Sounds playlist behind a bush. Place glow in the dark decorations that will come to life as your picnic begins.

Plan a neighborhood Candy Swap

Do you live in a neighborhood full of kids? Send out a neighborhood call and see who might be interested in a no-contact candy party.  Neighbors all tie orange balloons to their mailbox to let the kids know that this is a house they can haunt.  Then candy is bagged up and left outside the doors for no-contact trick-or-treating

Be safe and stay spooky friends! 

We know this uncertain road seems bumpy right now.  But we are all in this together. We want to help bring some sense of normalcy to our lives, even if it means we have to adjust a little in order to help bring this scary time to an end. 

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