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How To Give Your Kitchen A Facelift

Our kitchens are the warm center point of our homes.  As the heart of interactions, meals, and memories- this room deserves as much work and attention as possible.  Unfortunately, our kitchens aren't always the room we want them to be.  Whether you're buying a house with a kitchen that needs a little work or have lived somewhere for years and are hankering for some change, a complete facelift of your home can change everything.

Today we have tips to show you how to breathe new life into those cabinets and floor tiles.

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Start with the walls

Kitchen walls come in three options, usually; tiles, paint, or wallpaper.  The first thing to consider with your walls is whether the material on them matches your style.  It can be tricky, but both tile and wallpaper can be removed and replaced.  Think about what colors you'll want your room to feel like. Don't forget what textures and style speak to your overall picture.

What comes to mind when you think of how you want your kitchen to feel? Is it modern industrial, country farmhouse, or modern and cool?

For example, black and white tile can give off a dinner feeling to a room, while pale yellow paint can make a place feel like a barn kitchen. Decide on the mood you want your room to convey, and ensure your walls are telling the same story.

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Consider your existing cabinets before replacing them

Replacing cabinets is something so infamously expensive that on shows like House Hunters, it's become a running gag.  Think about the finishing and color of your cabinets and what kind of knobs you want on them (if any).  If it's just a dislike of the color, you could repaint or stain the cabinets' wood until they look how you want.  If things are more complicated than that like you wish for glass cabinets or open-faced cabinets, shop around for replacements that you love. 

You can paint kitchen cabinets, replace doors, even customize the framework of doors and add glass! You have a lot of options for giving your existing cabinets a facelift. It might be as simple as replacing the hardware and BOOM you have something new that you love.

Don't forget, you don't necessarily need kitchen knobs since many newer cabinets have a lip on the bottom.

In our kitchen, we chose to take out some of the upper cabinets in the design and go with open shelves for displaying our favorite things as well as dishes.  We even opted for a custom island instead of built in. Some of our upper cabinets have glass panels and lights inside to display my collection of antique pitchers.

Farmhouse kitchens are the best!

How To Choose Kitchen Flooring

Surprisingly, there are more options for what to do with your floors than those for your walls.  In flooring, you still have two things to consider, though: color and material.  The most common materials are hardwood, linoleum, tile, and vinyl.  From there, you can branch out to every material's different color options.  if you put in some work, you can make it worth it.

It shouldn't be a surprise, but some options have distinctly better livability, while others can make your house never feel clean.  The grout between tiles can make it nearly impossible to clean the floor deeply.  Hardwood is more natural to clean but can get water damage from leaks or skills, and linoleum is a little fake looking.  They all have their pros and cons that every homeowner should go over.

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How To Make Your Kitchen An Attention Grabber

It's easy to make a beautiful kitchen when you use decor and features that match your tastes.  Don't shy away from a look just because you think it might be over the top.  Your kitchen is the heart of your home, where everyone is nourished, and a lot of life happens- make sure it's a room where you'll want to spend time.

Kitchen facelifts are an easy way to bring new life to your home.  We love seeing your before and after photos! Tag us on Instagram ( @dancing.fireflies )and show us your kitchen transformations! 

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