Riley and Wynter Test Out A WagWell Subscription Box


This week we had the pleasure of trying out a fantastic dog subscription box by WagWell. For those of you who are new to subscription boxes, they are monthly delivered boxes full of treats and surprises. For our FurKids, we are very picky about what we give them.  

Our friends at WagWell sent us their recent organic pet subscription box to see if our picky pets would turn their noses away or give the wag of approval and I have to say we were surprised and delighted about how this review went!

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This was a fun review for our family to do with our dogs Riley and Wynter. We checked out the WagWell company before the box came and I really like that this box is based in the United States and all of the products are made in the US or Canada.  The treats are all organic and the box ships for FREE in the United States. 

The other plus is that there is no long term contract, you can cancel at any time with no hassle.  This has always been a concern with subscription boxes. 

Why is WagWell great for dogs multi-dog families?

We have two funny dogs, but they have different personalities when it comes to treats and toys.  As we suspected when the box arrived, Riley was the first one to notice that something special was coming for them.  He is our dog toy fanatic and always ready to play. But he also has a sensitive diet, so he doesn't get a lot of treats.  We reward Riley with playtime instead of food. 

When we opened the box, Riley knew that toys were for him and treats are for Wynter.  And he was ready to dig in to find out what we had.

Wynter doesn't like toys. She had a couple special things that she's played with since she was a little puppy. But for the most part, she doesn't enjoy toys. So this box is great because it offers 2 bags of 100% organic treats and 1 or 2 premium toys and an option to add an extra toy for $9 a month.  Plus they send 2 All-Natural bully sticks!  So this box actually works great for both of our dogs in one box.  They can share the bandana!


Why are organic dog products best?

We all want to give our dogs a great life. We can help them to live longer and happier lives by making sure the products they come in contact with are actually good for them and not packed with chemicals and nasty stuff. Did you know that some non-organic pet products contain pesticides, GMO ingredients which can cause allergies, cancer, and even organ damage? Even worse there are some dog product that been traced to euthanized pets from shelters! GROSS!

Remember the saying “You are what you eat” applies to pets as well! 

Organic means that it no artificial/synthetic pesticides or fertilizers have been used. Naturally derived pesticides are sometimes used with caution and there are approved products that are deemed “safe” to use. However there are strict rules and regulations for products to be considered “organic” and carry that label.

The benefits of organic dog products include:

  • Reduction of skin ailments and allergies. 
  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No chemical additives
  • No toxic pesticides
  • Fewer digestive disorders 
  • No bulk fillers
  • Dogs eat less to fill full
  • Organic diets can help dogs to maintain a healthy weight
  • Organic food is easier to digest  

Organic Treats Mean Healthier Pets

Year after year I am horrified by the recalls of pet products because the producers of those foods choose low quality and often toxic ingredients. A few years ago we lost our beloved sheltie during the Purina poisoning.  One day she was happy and healthy, and overnight she started losing weight, vomiting and her organs shut down.  Her vet said that her breed was more susceptible to toxins because they are very sensitive dogs. We had to say good-bye after two horrible weeks and thousands of dollars trying to save her.

After learning about the horrors of the pet food industry, we are extremely careful with what we feed our dogs.  Pet-food regulations and labeling are terrible and every year recalls on pet products only come after pets die. 

I hate that some dog treats contain newspaper, feathers, and even diseased animals! 

Responsible pet owners know that you have to read the ingredients and do your homework to find a reputable company that you trust for the health of your pets. 


What's in the box?

In our box Riley was first to pull out of the box a Hatchables Turtle: Inside-Out Dog Toy which sells for $9.99 on their website.  

He loves this little turtle.  It starts as an egg and your dog has to work to pull it out of it's shell.  You can also stuff it with a treat and let them work to get it out. 

The next thing we discovered was a cute water themed bandana, which Riley also determined was his and wanted it on right away.

They also included 2 beef bully sticks that Wynter too quickly claimed as hers!  That's okay, Riley was busy with his toys.

Maggie's Macaroons Coconut Limoncello  are so good, you might have to keep the people out of them! Wynter was the first one to discover these treats in the box, and we loved that they are raw, grain and gluten-free and vegan! All of the ingredients are 100% human grade.  

I'm not kidding about them being so good people might want to eat them!  My husband and daughter both gave them a try and thought they were really good!   They sell online for around $13


We also loved Dog Mamma's Berry Banana Coco Chunk Organic Dog Treats. They are crispy and full of yummy ingredients like blueberries, bananas, honey, and coconut.  There's no chocolate! Riley has a very sensitive tummy, and he did really well with these treats and the Macaroons.   

Wynter is very picky, but she seems to enjoy the Dog Mamma treats the best.  They sell online for $9.99


A rainbow trout?? Okay the funniest thing in the box ended up being this canvas Reely Fish Rainbow Trout! Riley has had this fish in his mouth since he dug it out of the box.  He has even been sleeping with it!

This toy has two squeakers that are double-stitched inside layers of canvas that even Riley's chewing ability hasn't been able to get out. I don't know what magic they make this fish with, but he hasn't even gotten a little hole in it yet! I'm very impressed! The fish is well worth the $9.99 they sell them for.


WagWell Is The Best Organic Pet Subscription Box 

We were very impressed with the WagWell box. We like it so  much that we are ordering now so Riley and Wynter will get another box for October! I hope it's Halloween themed!!!

This box was definitely a hit with our family and I hope if you try them out, that you'll let us know how your family likes them.

Have an awesome day,

Crysta, Wynter and Riley

Sleepy puppy
Sleepy puppy

Want to give WagWell a try? 

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