Hey everyone! August flew by so fast! Wow!! September is here and we have a new list of our favorite things to share with you!

September has many parents scrambling to try to figure out the new back to school routine, so we have a whole month of posts meant to help make life more simple and some tips to find more calm in this new life we are building. 

The weather has been wonky here in Maryland. We have seen chilly days and nights, along with 95 degrees and hurricane winds. I've been out harvesting the last of my garden.  I ordered next spring's seeds and bulbs.  I found some great deals online for gardening supplies and I think I have a solid plan for next year's garden. 

This year we have been building a large patio and a pool, so next year I want to slim down my gardening routine and have more time for swimming and relaxing.  That means for me, I want to plan more flowers and fewer high maintenance fruits and veggies.

But my garden is still growing well, and it's producing some delicious fruits and veggies.  I've been making a ton of tomato sauce and salsa. 

Did I mention we went a little peach crazy??  Keep reading to see what recipes we came up with for all of these peaches!

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What I'm Listening To:

My husband and I are huge Red Wanting Blue fans.  I've loved them for many years, and this summer we were excited to contribute to the release of their upcoming album The Peppermint Sessions. Scott Terry is an incredible artist and his facial expressions always get me up and ready to dance.

This January we had the best vacation on The Rock Boat, Scott and the rest of the Red Wanting Blue Band. I can't even tell you how mad I am that we won't be joining them next year, due to Covid-19.  So to fill the hole that canceling out trip left, I've been listening to RWB on my headphones. 

Music heals the soul!

What I'm Watching:

We were a little late to The Umbrella Academy, but we are fully hooked! Wow! If you haven't experienced it yet, give it a try. This Netflix original show is everything fans of superheroes want, and a little more. There are so many twists and turns, that I felt like I was constantly yelling “WHAT?!@#” 

There are two seasons of on the edge of your seat episodes and it is by far one of the best Netflix shows ever made. 

The Umbrella Academy

What I'm Reading:

August seemed to go by so fast. But I tried to find time to read a few new blogs that I wanted to share with you. 

My friend Tory has this crazy life and along with two TERRIFIC Tiny People, Tory is tackling life as a travel blogger. Her new blog “Trekking with T4″ is all about their lives and travels.  It's beautiful and so sweet. 

My Favorite Recipe:

Peaches! Peach season starts to peak in Maryland around the beginning of August. This summer the weather was very mild up until the middle, then it started getting very hot. But the peaches were sweet and tart, and perfect for preserving. 

Sitting on the front porch with some peach lemonade and listening to the cicadas sing was the best part of this summer. We made some fresh homemade peach sauce to use in our lemonade, Lemony Peach Baby Bellinis, and topping for ice cream and yogurt!


Something New I Tried:

This summer I learned how to smoke salmon, and I've been tweaking my recipe to find the best version to share with all of you. But the result has been fun. We have done a lot of tasting, and a few fails. As soon as I have a good recipe, I'll share it with you! 

Cool Deals I found:

This summer we discovered Solo Stove and we purchased the Yukon fire pit for our new patio.  They are actually having a great sale with up to 15% off sitewide with no code needed. And there is a Labor day sale for 20% off firepits until 9/7/20. 


This year has been hard for so many people. Many lives have been lost, not only to Covid-19, but tragically to natural disasters, violence, cancer, and more. It's hard to try to find the good in things when everything seems so terrible.

I want you to remember that your feelings are YOUR feelings and forgive yourself for having a bad day. It will get better.

Find something to help take your mind to a better place, dance to music that charms the monsters, and take some time to chill and heal.

Cute things I found:

These were my favorite finds this month.  I am always looking for unique items that have great textures and unique stories.

I love thought the rose gold french press was so beautiful and perfect for a farmhouse kitchen. And I like the subscription adults crafts box, because this lady isn't spending time at the craft store recently. 

And I am already prepping for Rosh Hashanah and Thanksgiving, so that steaming bowl is a must have!  I'm hoping to share photos of it soon!

What Blog Posts Am I Working On?

In September we have a review of some new CBD Bath Bombs by Royal And Pure, a few fun recipes, and some tips for surviving the holidays for those of us who are planners and stressed out about how this is all going to work out.

Who Or What Is Inspiring Me Right Now?

This week, the talented actor, Chadwick Boseman passed away.  And I was truly stunned at how that moment moved me. A few days prior, one of my favorite singers, Justin Townes Earle died of complications due to drug addiction. His death stung, but it placed the marker that no matter how successful you are, addiction doesn't end and success doesn't keep you safe from dying. 

But Boseman's death was different, because he knew for years that his body was fighting an impossible battle. And still he lived life with grace and didn't let it make him bitter.  He did everything he could do to stay here on this earth and try to make it a better place. And he did.  

He would say that we should all look past the rain and see the beauty in the moments we have.

Thanks for reading,


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