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15 Ways To Reduce Stress And Stay Peaceful

It's completely normal to feel stressed, especially when the world seems like it's overwhelming. Personally, I've been struggling to keep motivated recently. So I've been reaching out to talk to my friends, family, and even my therapist about my feelings. Admitting that you are stressed isn't a weakness!

We have a list of ways that you can reduce stress and stay peaceful without leaving home.

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Get Outside

It's a fact that getting outside and spending some time in the sun can actually boost your mood. Gardening is my best weapon against stress and the troubling symptoms of Lyme Disease. 

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors is with our new Yukon Solo Stove. It allows us to enjoy a bonfire with wood, without the smoke.


CBD is my weapon against stress. Stress is part of life, but how we react to stress can be managed. CBD can be used as a natural way to combat stress by latching on to the body's serotonin receptors to help regulate your stress hormones. 

Your body's endocannabinoid system regulates your moods, pain, and fear. CBD helps boost your endocannabinoid system so you can actually feel better.

CBD is also an alternative treatment for pain like arthritis, migraines and Fibromyalgia. 

CBD is easy to use, and THC-Free CBD won't leave you sleepy so you can enjoy your day. The easiest way to use CBD is through tinctures that you can put under your tongue or added to your drink. 

Joy Organics CBD collection

Grow something

I read this article recently about the “Gardening Glow” that basically means that working with plants provides positive sensory stimulation and NASA has done studies on this to help their astronauts sane and happy in space.  Because planting and caring for seeds and plants has such a powerful impact on your mental health. 

Make A Stress Playlist To Improve Your Mood

Whenever I'm stressed, I put on my headphones and turn up the music. I have a playlist full of music that always makes me smile and want to dance. Prince will always be at the top of my playlist, both to calm my stress and to make me want to get up and dance. 

Try Acupressure

Practice Yoga or Meditation

I love that all you need to practice yoga is a state of mind.  You don't need fancy yoga clothes or even a yoga mat.  Even though they make the practice a little more comfortable, you can get started without anything more than the desire to practice.

I meditate every morning to help set my state of mind for the rest of the day.  Meditation helps me to clear out the fear and stress, and find more peace to move forward with. 

Redecorate your home

This summer I took a Masterclass with Kelly Wearstler on interior design. It really helped me to look at colors, textures, and patterns for rethinking my home's décor. I love being able to go through my home and swap things out to make it feel brand new. It's a fun way to make staying home feel like a fresh start. 


We are a Peloton family. We love how it has transformed how we think about “working out” to something positive and fun. They come out and deliver and set up your bike or tread in the room of your choice.  We had them take it up to the 2nd floor! The monthly payments are cheap!  If you are interested, use our code: GH57TX and receive $100 towards accessories!  

Make Time for Tea

Tea is a great ritual to take a step out of this world and relax. First, just taking the time to be fully present while heating your water and making your tea can act as a form of meditation. Second, the right kind of tea will give your insides a warm bath that relaxes and invigorates. Try the Chill Blend or Egyptian Chamomile to ease the mind and soothe the soul.

Try our tips: you’ll be thankful you did and you’ll be stress-free in no time!

Or Coffee

We are tea and coffee snobs in our house. I just discovered the delight of small batch roasted coffees delivered right to my front door. Roasted in New England, Cooper's Cask Coffee has single origin coffee beans that are some of the purest coffees you can get.

Invite A Friend over for Dinner

Even though it might seem like the world is in chaos, and it's hard to make plans with friends, it's okay still try to make connections with friends. 

Since Covid-19, have changed the way we socialize. We invite one or two of our friends over for “Outdoor Dining” on our deck. We order from take-out, or I will make food with my mask and gloves to ensure it's safe.  We have our deck seating spaced out 6ft and we do everything we can to make sure everyone feels safe for hanging out and catching up.

calm candle

Create Something New

I found that I could take free live art classes and try my hand at making new art projects! I even found some photography classes that are really helping me out. 

Get Rid of Clutter

Believe it or not, clutter can lead to depression and stress.  One of the best things you can do to push off stress and anxiety is to declutter your living space. It's a therapeutic way of purging negative thoughts and giving yourself a new perspective.

Call A Loved One

When I'm feeling stressed or down, I reach for the phone and call my friend, Peggy. No matter how frustrated or stressed I'm feeling before the call, I always hang up feeling happier and ready to take on the next challenge.  Find your go-to person and make a routine of sharing the good times and the bad.  It's okay to share how you are feeling with the people you love. 

Look At Old Photos

My last tip is to take the time to sit down and look at those old photos you've been collecting. Maybe it's even time to sort them out, purge out those weird photos that don't make any sense or are just plain unflattering. Enjoy the good memories they bring up and take a stroll down Old Times Lane. 

These are the days when we all need as much help as we can get to push off the rain clouds and collection of stressful thoughts. We hope we found a few things that will make your days better.



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