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It’s been a long and crazy summer, and after taking a mental health break in June to try to wrap my mind around all, that’s been happening around the world.  I’m back to work and trying to revive my energy to create some content. But let me tell ya, working from home is hard work!

Work From Home

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Creating A Work From Home Schedule

One of the things I’ve always been strict about while working from home is keeping a work schedule. Without a plan, trying to separate my work life from my home and family life is like standing in the eye of a hurricane.

After taking some time off, coming back to my office, and dedicating time to writing content was both comforting and a little frustrating. I had a hard time keeping my focus.  It can be overwhelming to know where I even wanted to start.

So I have a schedule that varies from day to day but always starts the same way.  I know I need to pick up my energy to get my creative juices flowing. I start with a lemon CBD vape, some peppy music, and sometimes even an impromptu dance party with my dogs.

Take Plenty of YOU Time In Your Workday

It’s hard to really wrap your mind around all of the stressful things that are happening all around us. Covid-19 not only changed the way we work but the way we relieve stress.

Many of us were used to a workday with other coworkers, other people to talk to during the day. But now we take our meetings through video calls and eat our lunches alone in our kitchens.  This isolation is challenging for people, especially extroverts.

Allow yourself plenty of breaks to make time for yourself. Do something that you enjoy, and that helps motivate you. When you take time to revive your mind, you can push back some of the frustrations.

Tip: Make a work playlist of music that makes you happy and peps you up. 

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Your Work From Home Life Can Be More YOU Than Your Office Life

Can you imagine walking to your desk at work and seeing your coworker with candles burning, bare feet, and having a snack? These days, many people are settling into working from home and realizing that they can have fewer restrictions and more enjoyment in their workday.

I’ve always worked from home, so I have loved being able to help some of my friends and readers to perfect their new “work persona” so that they aren’t the guy who is taking video calls in his pajamas from bed.  Because that guy makes working from home look bad.

My main advice is to always get up and get dressed for your workday.  This means you have to shower and get yourself into a work state of mind.  You can’t roll over and grab your laptop and expect to keep the respect of your coworkers or customers.

Limit How You Allow The Outside World In During Your Workday

I think a lot of people find that working from home is a lot more distracting than they expected. There is something about knowing you are at work and should “look busy” that keeps people from browsing Instagram for hours.

Even though a lot of my research for my job requires that I’m looking through social media and reading other blogs, it’s hard not to get sucked down rabbit holes and lose time.

Sometimes I need to set a time limit for social media research time, so I don’t get sucked in.  Then I get up, take a walk around the house and refocus my mind on the next task that I need to finish.  Sometimes I take a few minutes to get outside and get some fresh air.  This is when I love my lemon CBD vape from Social CBD  because it tastes like sunshine and helps me revive for the next few hours.

Create A Checklist For Your Tasks

I love to create a checklist of all of the things I want to finish in a day. It’s a detailed list because I love crossing things off that list!

  • Read and Respond to emails
  • Make a list of recipes to write for September
  • Look at all of July’s blog post analytics
  • Restock Tailwind for Pinterest Posts
  • Water office plants
  • Take new photos for blog post
  • Make new graphics for Pinterest

At the end of the day, look at what you need to carry over for the next day’s tasks. But be realistic about what you can and can’t get done promptly.  Break the bigger chores up into smaller pieces, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Working From Home Is A New Way Of Life

For many people, life has changed permanently. Many parents have had to figure out who will be home to help their children with homeschool, others have been laid off from their jobs, and now their new work from home is to find a new job, write resumes, and plan what they need to do next.  Our new life outside of the house is thinking about keeping social distances, wearing masks, and how we can get what we need to be done in a world with many closures.

We want to hear how your work life has changed and how you are working from home. Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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