I loved having Hannah Brooklyn guest blog for us.  She has some great ideas for the best foods to eat when the weather is scorching!  So while we are enjoying this summer weather, please enjoy this guest post.

Summer comes along with a rich variety of food and fruits that are good for your body. Scientists for years have bombarded us with information that encourages us to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are said to reduce the risk of illnesses. Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants that play a very big role in flushing out harmful toxins and wastes from the body. Getting around your summer diet: However, many people have a hard time balancing their vegetable and fruits intake during the summer. The best way to overcome this is creating a special menu for the summer period and ensures that you include some of these fruits in your meals.
  • For instance, during breakfast, you can prepare cookies or bread with cucumber. This is an age-old remedy that helps with reducing the damage of the eye, caused by light and wasting of muscles in the elderly.
Snacking during summer: Since you are on a strict summer diet, you are allowed to snack only what is allowed in the menu.
  • For instance, you can have a bowl of raspberries or sitting on the table so that you can have it when you feel like eating and still maintain your diet.
  • Grapes are another source for snacking and contain vitamin K and compounds that boost the heart function and help in blood clotting.
health_benefits_of_2_tablespoons_avocado_2 Fruits for summer: The summer heat can be very vicious and cause dehydration especially when no one wants to spend time indoors.
  • The best option other than drinking gallons of water will be to take rehydration fruits such as watermelons. These sweet fruits contain up to ninety percent water and are low in calories. It is known to reduce heart diseases and contains a compound that protects the skin from harmful UV rays.
Prepare a summer meal: Broad beans are grains that are available all through the summer season; therefore you will not have a problem accessing them. These beans are high in fiber which aid in digestion and reduce constipation and other minor compounds that help reduce blood sugar and the risk of cancer. Spinach is another great source of calcium and roughages that can be taken during summer. These green vegetables help improve vision and growth of bones. You can also have asparagus in your menu during summer to boost your nutritional value. They contain Vitamin K, which helps bones to develop, anti-oxidants that act as a clean-up for the body cells and repair damaged tissues. Asparagus is recommended for people who have diabetes and heart disease. Do not leave out your Ehic card: When you decide to take a trip during the summer time, do not forget to carry your EHIC card whenever you go. You can never be too sure about your health or that of your family when you are traveling since people respond differently to a certain climatic condition or any other thing that may cause you to visit the hospital. The European health insurance card comes in very handy in such unforeseen circumstances.  

About Hannah:

She is a Student from the United Kingdom who loves to travel and write on Health and travel niche. Hannah has traveled to India, Australia, Switzerland. Educating people on a Healthy Lifestyle is her keen interest. She engages in all types of outdoor adventure, explores the local way of life. Presently working on Ehic card,a Health Insurance card provider  
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